In April 2016 the Ananda Janaka Foundation was the recipient of a large estate gift.  This gift came from a long-time Ananda member who passed away in August of 2015 and who made Ananda Janaka the residual beneficiary of her estate.

A donor’s story

From this gift, the Ananda Janaka Foundation board of directors has established a
$1.1 million Endowment Fund for Ananda. This fund will provide an annual stream of income that will help Ananda as we move into the future.

Ananda projects will focus, to begin with, on several important areas of our work.

  1. Outreach and the sharing of the teachings – This will include reaching out to people throughout the world both in person and online. It will also include ongoing support for those who have learned the teachings.
  2. Perpetuating Ananda as a work
    We will be focusing on:
    – the training and support of a new generation of members, leaders, and teachers
    – having the ability to survive emergencies, financial and other
    – creating and maintaining physical structures associated with our churches and centers

This newly established Endowment Fund will begin to provide funding for these important areas of Ananda’s work. As the fund builds, so will the annual stream of income for these projects.

We invite you to be part of building this Endowment Fund by including the Ananda Janaka Foundation in your Will, Trust, as a beneficiary of an IRA or Life Insurance policy, or in other estate planning.

Please contact Parvati Hansen for further information at the Ananda Janaka Foundation office: 530-478-7695
We are always happy to hear from you!