Capturing the history of Ananda Music

The Ananda Music Ministry has been recording videos of long-time Ananda members who had direct contact with Swami Kriyananda as he developed Ananda Music. These videos will be a priceless archive to help future generations understand why this music is an essential part of our spiritual path. Current generations of Ananda members will also appreciate and be inspired by new information and stories about the creation of Ananda Music.

The need for the oral history videos became apparent several years ago when a new member of Ananda Village expressed his dismay about why Ananda Village does not embrace the playing of other music and chants, especially in kirtans. The directors of Ananda Music tried to explain to him why we don’t do this, but it was difficult, without a deeper context, for this person to understand.  From this experience, Ananda Village choir member, Gitabai Heater, understood the need to video early members of Ananda who were present during the time that Swami Kriyananda was creating the music. These videos will now provide a direct, historical experience shared by these early members of Ananda.

An Overview of this Music History project

The goal of this project is for the Music Ministry to produce 34 Ananda Music Oral History Videos. Sixteen of these will be recorded by our videographer at in-person recording sessions at Ananda Village and at the Ananda Sacramento Community. Another 18 videos will be created by the other Ananda communities in Palo Alto, Portland, Seattle, Italy, and India. The 12 completed videos are currently posted on the Ananda Music YouTube channel, with additional videos to be posted as they are completed.

The Ananda Janaka Grant will cover the cost of the videographer, Gitabai Heater, and pay for her time, transportation, and other expenses. In addition, it will cover the cost of new lighting and backdrop equipment.

Here are some of the Ananda musicians who have made this Ananda Music History project possible:
Gitabai & Panduranga Heater
Jeannie, Ramesha, Bhagavati, & Pavani
Recording a music video