Babaji House Entryway

This grant helped to provide a remodeling of Babaji House so it can begin to serve as a group ashram house for founding and long-time Sevaka members. There are six bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, a guest/recovery room, a meditation room, and a living room, kitchen and dining room. The location of the house in the downtown area of Ananda Village provides easy accessibility to the daily functions of Ananda Village. 

The interior of Babaji House has undergone an entire remodel with new flooring in the common areas, new interior and exterior paint, new indoor and outdoor lighting, a smooth concrete front entry walkway, 2 new private accessible bathrooms, and grab bars in all of the bathrooms. We have brought in the science of Vastu Shastra wherever we could to increase the divine light and harmony in the house by using color, furniture placement, mirrors, and natural elements outside. 

Babaji House

The exterior of the house has a simple flower bed to bring in color. The back area of the house has been developed as a place for gathering with friends. The fence separating the house from Ananda Farm was taken down so that it became part of the deer-free area. This gives the house expansive pastoral views in most directions and the potential to plant flowers and vegetables.

Future plans include a xeriscape in the front of the house including a curved picket fence to block headlights from the parking area, and some water-conserving plantings to create a softer landscape. We have already added two October Glory maple trees to bring color and shade with the seasons, and there are trellises ready to go along a solid front-side fence. We may also be putting in a raised bed garden in the back.

Dining Area
Guest Bedroom/Recovery Room