Conscious Families is a new Education for Life partner program that offers connection, support, resources, and inspiration for parents and families. With the help of the Ananda Janaka Foundation Grant, this program has been able to create many wonderful online offerings for parents and explore ways to continue to inspire families with a more conscious, holistic approach.

The Grant has provided funds for various online tools, subscription services, and hosting as well as recording equipment to be able to offer:

The Ananda Janaka Grant has also enabled the initial development of a virtual community membership platform as well as marketing and advertising costs to help promote the program and reach more families.

Connecting with other parents who are also striving to be more “awake” in their parenting approach has been a quench to my thirst!… I leave every group session feeling uplifted and confident, both in myself and my ability to be a more present parent.
John Leivitt
Parent Participant

Erin Vinacco, Program Director

Erin Vinacco lives and serves at Ananda Village as Family Minister and founding director of Conscious Families. She is a certified Education for Life (EFL) teacher and long-time educator who has worked with children and families for over 13 years through various non-profits, schools, and community organizations. In her current roles, she is finding new ways to offer support, inspiration, and connection for parents and families near and far while sharing the principles and practices of Education for Life. 

Teaching an Online Course
Meeting With Parents
Discussion with a Parent