Tulips at Crystal Hermitage Gardens

The Ananda Janaka 2021 Grant to Crystal Hermitage was directed to the beautiful gardens.

Each year Crystal Hermitage opens their gardens for an event called “Springtime at Ananda.”

Thousands of people come from all over the West coast, and sometimes even farther away, to view the gardens, and especially to see the thousands of tulips that are planted each year. The colors of the tulips, their arrangements in the garden, and their variety is an amazing sight to see.

In 2021 the Ananda Janaka Foundation was able to provide a Grant for a complete replacement to one of the major staircases. Now that this has been completed, it will allow visitors to view the gardens more comfortably and safely. Along with the new staircase, a beautifully designed handrail was installed as well. This turned out to be a wonderful finishing touch that completed it all.

We hope you will be able to visit Ananda and to see the lovely Crystal Hermitage gardens.

Crystal Hermitage Gardens

The Stairway Project

The Completed Stairway and Handrail