The goal of the program is to enable healthcare workers to develop the life-skill habits to stay calm and centered despite ever-increasing challenges in their daily work life and workplace environments. This is especially critical during healthcare resource and personnel shortages such as those being we have recently experienced.

  • Over 750 card sets have been successfully distributed, including the East Coast of the US, throughout the West Coast, in the mid-West, Europe, and Australia.
    • Some remain in stock for sale at Crystal Clarity Publishers and through the website of Scrub Pocket, the person who fulfilled the first order of cards in this year
    • Many of the Recharge Card Sets were distributed over Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday period as “gifts of gratitude” for local healthcare workers
  • Healthcare workers who received the cards in person directly from us gave testimony such as,
    • “This is exactly what I needed today.” 
    • Or mentioned having wanted to get a meditation practice started again and that this was the encouragement they needed. 
    • One person shared their story of having been treated quite badly as part of their work giving the vaccines, and that they could carry these as a reminder that they are doing the right thing. They found it very encouraging during times when they faced opposition.

The Program Course

  • In the main course that was offered as a next step of the Recharge Card Set, there were 40 course participants.
    • The 7-part online course included evidence-based research on the effectiveness of meditation to appeal directly to healthcare workers
    • The course encouraged purchases of books at Crystal Clarity Publishers, taking the Lessons in Meditation course through Ananda LA, and provided the Wellness Toolkit with offerings of content throughout Ananda Sangha Worldwide
  • With the original pilot program attendees, current Recharge course attendees, W4W webpage visits, YouTube video views, social media posts, emails opened, an approximate reach of over 15,000 people were exposed to the W4W program since it began its service to healthcare workers in the summer of 2021 (when Nayaswami Jyotish first mentioned bringing meditation to medical workers).
    • 5,400 views to all the Wellness program web pages
    • 580 views of the explainer videos’ page, which is linked to by the QR code on the Recharge Card Set
    • 200 views of the free Wellness Toolkit page
    • Over 3,000 views just to the home page itself
    • Crystal Clarity Publishers email 1500 opens (10% open rate), W4W specific email even had a 50% open rate
    • 400 views on Recharge Card Request page

For next steps, we are taking the feedback for the first 1000 cards and several meetings with various people, from ministers within Ananda, center leaders and members in the healthcare field, non-affiliated healthcare workers, and even customer service workers in the general public who also are interested in stress-reduction techniques via such a card set.
Using this feedback, we are planning for the future.

Card Set for Wellness Warriors
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