Nayaswami Devi leading Paramhansa Yogananda's Energization Exercises

The Ananda Sacramento outreach with Nayaswami Jyotish and Nayaswami Devi was on Sunday afternoon, March 19, following Sunday service. Lunch was served to everyone, and then at 12:30pm the “How-to-Live Yoga” program began with an introduction by Dharmadas. This was followed by a song from the choir, a yoga demonstration dance with music. Jyotish and Devi each spoke on How-to-Live Yoga.

After their talks, free meditation classes were offered by our ministers during the next hour, during which Jyotish and Devi signed their books and Jyotish signed his paintings. We had an art gallery and book table set up in the sanctuary, and there was a continuous line of people buying books and paintings.

It was a wonderful event, and a great blessing for our community.

Nayaswamis Devi, Jyotish and Dharmadas with Jyotish's painting
Nayaswamis Jyotish and Devi signing and greeting people