This Astral Ascension Ceremony is part of Ananda’s Funeral Service. It is something that can also be read personally when someone you know has died.

Dear friend  ________ ,

You, who have gone before us,
Have entered a realm which our souls remember:
a place of freedom, light and laughter.
Take with you on your journey our blessings, and our love.

We shall miss you!
Our desire is not to hold you back, but only to tell you: Friend, we are yours; our love and support are ever yours, and our prayers for your highest happiness.

We shall meet again! Once more we shall laugh together,
rejoice together, and share in the joy of seeking Him!

Claim your soul’s freedom!
Bless all who ever harmed you, or ever wished you harm.
Give them your love, and your prayer for their freedom in God.

Friend, cast from your heart all outward attachments!
Realize that earthly goals, however shining, are but dreams:
God is the only Reality.

Burn your earthly desires in the fire of wisdom!
Burn earthly limitations in the blaze of inner freedom!
Burn earthly disappointments in the flames of spreading peace!
Burn earthly joys in the bonfire of divine bliss!

See your physical form as a discarded garment:
Clothed you now are in garments of radiant light!

O Free Soul!
See your past actions as scenes in a vast, unfolding tapestry.
Feast not your gaze wistfully on episodes already finished, but look ahead!
New adventures await you – fresh, joyous , victories
as you advance toward perfect freedom!

And what of us, Friend, who love you and would be remembered by you?
Behold us as threads of light in the tapestry of your life – threads which, through the magnet of soul-friendship, will appear ever and again, woven with increasing beauty as our hearts expand together in God’s love.

Divine Mother! receive this, Thy child.
Purify him (her) in Thy perfect light and love.
Grant him (her) eternal freedom in Thee!

Aum, Amen!