We have gratefully used our 2023 Ananda Janaka Grant with gusto! 

Using Amazon ads: 

  • It has allowed us to move the original Autobiography of a Yogi published by Crystal Clarity Publishers into the #2 position on Amazon search
  • From Amazon ads alone, the $12K we spent has directly resulted in $53K in sales, with 2,800 orders (not to be confused with items sold). We imagine that most of these orders were likely people brand new to the path. 
  • And, there were over 10 million people who saw the ad and our books as a result.

Using Google ads, we experimented with 3 different campaigns:

  1. AY: targeting specifically those interested in Autobiography of a Yogi. 
  2. Original Writings of Yogananda: targeting those interested in all of Master’s original writings (Scientific Healing Affirmations, The Wisdom of Yogananda series, etc.)
  3. Expand Your Awareness: this ad, which was by far our most successful in terms of conversion to sales on the website targeted people just starting on the spiritual path who would be completely new to Ananda and Crystal Clarity.
  • 807K people viewed our Google ads from Feb – Nov 2023, with 6,250 people clicking on the ad. 
  • These ads are extremely important because they not only bring new people to our site, who buy books and ultimately find Ananda, the Expanding Light, etc. They also build our mailing list and result in long-term customers and devotees.
Headshot of Narayan and Dharmadevi

We are extremely grateful for the Ananda Janaka Foundation supporting the work of Crystal Clarity Publishers!

With Love & Gratitude,

Dharmadevi & Narayan
For Crystal Clarity Publishers