These are difficult, even unprecedented, times for the world. The spreading coronavirus, as well as the ripples of economic and social disruption, have sent shock waves throughout the whole planet.

As spiritual seekers, and especially those who are followers of Paramhansa Yogananda, there are several things we can do to protect ourselves and our families, and, more importantly, to help others during these turbulent times.

First, here is an important quote from Paramhansa Yogananda:

“Unreasoning apprehension is a cause of disease. It is the real germ of all sickness. Therefore, be cautious, not fearful. Do your best to remove the causes of disease and then be absolutely unafraid.”

On a physical level, we can minimize the spread of the disease by following the recommendations of health experts: Wash your hands and surfaces with soap and water frequently. Help slow the transfer of the virus by practicing social distancing, staying at home as much as possible, and keeping a six-foot distance between yourself and others when you are out and about. There is a wealth of information available on practical steps to take, and it would be a good idea to stay informed so you can do your part in preventing the transmission of the virus.

It is also essential to take steps on the spiritual level. Mentally and emotionally, do everything possible to stay positive. Negative thoughts draw negative consequences. Build a powerful aura of light around yourself, which will help protect both yourself and those close to you. We are suggesting that people repeat this affirmation from Yogananda in their daily meditations:

“Heavenly Father, Thou art present in every atom, every cell, every corpuscle, every particle of nerve, brain, and tissue. I am well, for Thou art in all my body parts.”

If we can truly accept, on deep levels, the essence of this affirmation—that we are made of God’s consciousness—we will experience the fulfillment of all spiritual practices.

We also have a responsibility to help others who are suffering with physical disease or emotional turmoil. Let’s all be sources of strength, courage, love, and light. Not only will this help others, but we ourselves will be blessed by that spiritual energy that flows through us. Reach out to those around you and see if there is any way that you can help them. Now especially, feel your connection to the world around you. We are so much stronger when we are united than when we are divided.

Be a warrior for the light, light the world campaign of Ananda Worldwide Yogananda logoAnanda centers throughout the world are offering support through online meditations, classes, and satsangs. Starting on Thursday, March 26, at 8:00 a.m. Pacific time, Ananda members from around the world will unite every week to offer healing prayers for the planet. Please join with thousands of others as we weave an aura of light and protection around our beautiful and fragile world.

Let us all take this time of challenge as a spiritual opportunity by resolving to contact God within, and to share His love with others, becoming an instrument of healing for everyone and everything.

In God’s light,

Nayaswami Jyotish

P.S. Here is a link to a video addressing these issues, with Devi, me, and our longtime physician, Dr. Peter Van Houten.

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  1. Very soothing and encouraging message at this challenging hour.
    Let our Guru’s aura cover us always.
    Om Guru.

  2. world is suffering because people are wanting to stay in suffer. Target of God to full fill happiness? in this dream? We call it earth.
    But in the state of beyond all thoughts, nothing is except joy of oneness,immortality, We(you+i/devotee) are present in this form of human and trying to help others but problem is not outside. Problem exist in worldly mind of people.
    I am telling, someone cheating me and i m unable to bring any bad thoughts for that person. It may, you will say my fault. But truth is simple, only God is.
    Film is running and we are in it as and playing our role without expectation for more to this world.
    People are only wanting money. Rare are awake and most are sleeping. But say , I am successful on the basis of physical things.
    Everyone is doing good to get enjoy. yes, Feeling mercy and helping others is wish of God. We can make this earth like heaven of god.
    But first we have to do work, to make this human society financially free.
    Most mind is full of how can get money. Really, interested to help others, we have to work systematically.
    Financially free human mind can easily walk on the path of immortality. This way , we can help and redesign the earth like heaven.
    Artist are human, everyone is light of source.
    I am seeing worldly people quelling,fighting and killing on the name religious ideologies. In real all are wanting money to live happily.
    People are only fighting for money on the name of religious ideologies.

  3. Thank you for these comforting reminders, Jyotish.

  4. Thank you very much. Om guru !! Jai guru !!

  5. mm

    Thank you for this post which was wrapped in a happy magnetic envelope of un-dominated, un-intimidated centeredness in God.

    When African women found themselves displaced from their villages and living in refugee camps in conditions of dire need, they got together and found an anchor in creating gorgeous indigenous textiles in a self-created atmosphere of harmony and focused joy.

    The arts are so important at Ananda. Lovely, how so many have turned to singing as a way to commune and stay healed. A few brief thoughts here:

  6. Dear Jyotish, Devi and Dr. Peter- Thank you for your leadership, strength and practicality. I’m grateful to be part of Ananda and will do my best to always wear an apron instead of a bib! Blessings and Health Shushila in Napa

  7. Dear Nayaswami Jyotish Ji,

    Thank you for the blog… it’s very helpful.
    The affirmations and the other guidelines gives us strength during this unprecedented times.

    In Master’s love

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