It is said that at the moment a great soul achieves enlightenment a wave of blessing is felt around the world. Here is what happened that day long ago when Gautama meditated under the banyan tree and became the Buddha.

The leopardess was well past her prime, but though age had taken some of her strength, it had given her greater cunning. She crouched silently, her spots blending with the grasses. She had remained motionless for many long minutes, but finally the fawn was now within range. As she sprang and raked it with her claws, a strange light flashed in the sky. Now, as she was about to sink her fangs into its throat, she looked into its trembling eyes and remembered her own cubs of past years. A forgotten motherly instinct arose in her as she gently licked the wounds on the baby’s flank. Then she walked away, her heart feeling a long-lost peace and contentment.

Gupta was the richest merchant in the village; his wealth was due to certain “improvements” he had devised. By placing his thumb on the inside of the grain scoop he was able to measure out a little less. He had experimented with the amount of water he added to the milk until even old grandmother Gita, who had the most discerning (and sharpest) tongue in town could not tell the difference. These little adjustments had added rupee by rupee to his secret storehouse. But this afternoon, as he wiped his brow and the folds of fat under his chin, an unfamiliar thought occurred to him. Perhaps it was due to the peculiar brightness of the sky, but for the first time in his life he thought that the poor widow-mother from down the street might need the money more than he did. From that day on, the heft of the customers’ grain bags was a bit greater and their milk a tad tastier.

The old astronomer had studied the heavens all his life. Today as part of his daily routine he carefully adjusted the sundial in the courtyard. As he did so, an idea came unbidden into his mind. What if the sun and stars did not travel across the heaven as everyone assumed? What if the orbs were fixed in the sky and the ground itself was slowly moving underneath them? It would answer so many of his questions. With great excitement, he sped toward the hall of learning to present this novel idea to the wise ones. He was fortunate because today of all days, the elders seemed curiously open to new ideas.

The young pharaoh had ascended to the throne less than a year before, after his father was slain in battle. Growing up amidst the intrigue of the court he’d had no real friends or confidants save one, his chamber slave, Nubia. At night, in whispered words, Nubia was the only one to whom he could unburden his heart. But there’d been a cloud, if not of mistrust then at least of suspicion, ever since Nubia’s wife and infant girl had been sold and sent to another part of the realm. During the ensuing years an idea had been percolating in his mind, but he had never had either the position or the courage to act on it. Today, however, a new resolve entered the pharaoh’s heart. He knew how bitterly it would be opposed by the council; nevertheless, he wrote the decree. From this day forth no person could own a slave. As of now, all were citizens; all had equal rights.

The response was as expected when the committee met: “But, how will we keep the old order? Let us not lose our grasp on the past or our rightful privileges. We must pass more and sterner laws!” The pharaoh was astute enough to know that this new law would not outlive him. But he thought, “Perhaps one day this idea will spread to other lands. Perhaps someday there will be no more slaves.”

The great masters had gathered together in the high Himalayas knowing, of course, that this moment was at hand. They had gone deep in meditation to add their blessings to the great wave that pulsed out from the Buddha. In their omniscience they knew that the world would need this light during the long centuries of darkness that lay ahead as it descended even further into Kali Yuga. Then, in its ordained time, the great cycle would reverse itself, and the slow ascent toward world enlightenment would begin anew.

Who knows if even today, confused and defiant though people are, a wave of enlightenment may chance to come again? The open heart will sense its arrival.

In joy,

Nayaswami Jyotish

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  1. Thank you for such an inspiring message ❤️

  2. Wow.. speechless after reading this blog. What deep lessons on change of heart and compassion. Thank you Ji for constantly lifting us up in a wave of enlightenment.

  3. Dear Nayaswami Jyotish Ji,

    Thank you for this wonderful blog. You took us in time there :-)

    The last lines of your blog are very inspiring and What a great blessing it would be to sense the arrival… ?

    “The open heart will sense its arrival”… We pray for it

    In Master’s love

  4. Thanks for sharing the blog post, a wave of awakening is likely to appear in these times of doubt and uncertainty leading us to a better world, a new season. I believe the world will heal and expand into greater peace, wisdom and joy.

    Much love,

  5. So beautiful? I feel there is someone finding enlightenment today and the world will be lifted to heaven. Thank you for sharing the inspiration God gave you, and your painting so divine. With so much gratitude and love, bhajana

  6. Saadar pranam to our respected shri yoganand ji and his blessings,
    I am personally blessed several times by him.
    At sevaeral times felt his blessings and feel that he is guiding me for my worldly tasks.
    I try to read all the messages from respected Yogananda socity.
    Please keep on writing such blogs.
    These are the food for the hungry human brain if all the people take some time for this there will be no any sorrow in this world.
    There will be only light of happiness every where.
    with best regards,
    Saadar Pranaam

  7. Thank you for your inspiring message. Your message reminds me of the three treasures:

    1. I take refuge in the Buddha
    2. I take refuge in the dharma
    3. I take refuge in the sangha

  8. This is so powerful and inspiring dear Jyotishji, thank you for sharing such a beautiful light from Swamiji and the Masters into our lives! Jai Guru

  9. What a delightful and refreshing respite from the all the heavy trials and tribulations going on in the world today. An enchanting read, poetic even – it felt like reading a page out of Swamiji’s, “The Time Tunnel”. Satisfying for both the ‘hungry human mind’ and the hungry human heart ?
    Thank you for adding your wave of light to this world in so many ways.

  10. Thanks for this wonderful write up ❤️?? Could sense & feel a warmth in my heart as if I too was sensing the blessing. Just loved it

  11. So timely and beautiful. Thank you for the profound words, Jyotish.


  13. Thank you, Jyotishji! May we all add to this wave of awakening through our receptivity and our sadhana.

  14. Thank You Jyotishji.

    Very inspiring lessons. Thanks for sharing them. May the wave bless us all, my prayers to God and Guru ?.
    Thank you

  15. Makes my heart sing. Such an inspiring story. Dear Jyotish Ji you are so deep and pure. A channel for the light. Reading this could shift people’s consciousness in a moment.

  16. Beautiful narrative..may it come true…! many grateful thanks.

  17. Thank you Jyotish ji for the blog. Feel very blessed to read this blog.
    This is now one of my favourites from this series!!

  18. Such an inspiring article Jyotishji! The purpose of every soul is to realize self..but did not know that in this process of brings peace, joy and compassion to other beings as well.
    Many Thanks!!

  19. Such a beautiful article Jyotishji! Thank you for such profound inspiration and for all your love and wisdom. Such a blessing. Aum Guru :)

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