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How Is World Peace Possible?

The man had committed murder many times and was now incarcerated in Tihar Prison outside of New Delhi. Yet as we watched him tell his story in the documentary Doing Time, Doing Vipassana, his face was peaceful and his eyes were calm. He explained that although he’d committed many murders, he’d never felt any remorse about the lives he had … Read More

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7 Revolutionary Teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda

Paramhansa Yogananda’s mission was to help usher the whole world, with greater understanding and spiritual insight, into Dwapara Yuga, the new Age of Energy in which we live. It was a world-changing mission, and therefore his teachings needed to be revolutionary. In some cases what he taught was well known in India but created a revolution in the West. Others of his teachings were completely new to this age. Let’s look at some of both.

A Touch of Light, Meditation

The Tremendous Power of Meditation

Meditation is a natural and rewarding human activity. Paramhansa Yogananda defined meditation as “deep concentration on God or one of His aspects.” Practiced daily, it produces astonishing results on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of our being. It connects us with our own inner powers of vitality, clarity, and love. When done deeply, it gives us an expanded sense … Read More

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Taming the Restless Mind

Wherever we teach, one of the first questions we are asked is, “How can I control restless thoughts?” This universal problem was even addressed over 2,000 years ago in the Bhagavad Gita, when Arjuna lamented, “Owing to my restlessness, I’ve achieved no lasting results in the attempts You’ve taught me to steady the mind. Verily the mind is restless, tumultuous, madly stubborn! O Krishna, I consider it to be as difficult to master as the wind.” (Chapter 6:33,34)

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Ways to Relax the Body

How to do the Full Yogic Breath: Begin by standing upright, arms at the sides. Close your eyes and feel centered in the spine. Breathe slowly and deeply from the diaphragm. Now slowly bend forward, keeping the knees relaxed. Exhale slowly and completely as you bend forward, allowing your body to come down only as far as is comfortable and your … Read More

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3 Steps to Deepening Your Meditations

People can meditate for many months, or even years, with little result, simply because they have ignored the basics, thinking that such elementary practices are only for the merest beginner. Restlessness, especially mental restlessness, is the main impediment to deeper meditation. Our hardest job in meditation is to rid the mind of the static created by thoughts and desires. There … Read More

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How to Meditate, with Jyotish Novak

A step-by-step guide to learning the art and science of meditation. The book is a practical guide to learning how to relax your body, interiorize your awareness, concentrate your mind, develop and clarify intuition, expand your spirit, and experience peace, joy, and calmness. Order the How to Meditate book.

I Am the Light of the Christ Within
A Touch of Light, Meditation

I Am the Christ Within

This is something I wrote some years ago but perhaps you have never had a chance to read it. I hope it helps fill your Christmas season with God’s light. I am the Christ-consciousness, which has been with you always. Before you were born, I was there. Before even the world was, I was. I am the Spirit of God … Read More

Relaxation and Concentration tips for meditation by Nayaswami Jyotish
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Relaxation and Concentration

An Italian friend told us a joke about two Carabinieri (a sort of Italian national police force who take the brunt of a lot of “dumb” jokes.) They got the “not too bright” reputation because, when Mussolini created this group, he was afraid they might rebel so he drew them from areas with various dialects.


Three Steps to Deepening Your Meditations

Without concentration, which helps interiorize the life-force, any time spent supposedly meditating is largely ineffective. In very deep meditation the prana becomes completely focused at the spiritual eye, and the body’s need for oxygen and breath ceases.

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The Five Aspects of Effective Prayer

Prayer helps us to open our consciousness to the flow of God’s grace. By praying, we make a conscious connection with God that otherwise wouldn’t be there, and thereby attune ourselves more fully to Him.


Is There Best Way To Worship?

In order to look for “the best,” you must make comparisons, judging one thing superior and all others inferior. People who say, “Only my religion is the best,” create dreadful divisions in the world.

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Training the Mind to Concentrate

If you can concentrate more deeply, your meditations will be more fulfilling and their depth and length will automatically begin to increase.

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Dealing with Stress

Unhealthy levels of stress usually come from trying to control the uncontrollable. As yogis we want to find release from addiction to excitement and delusion. Your power lies in choosing how you respond.


How to Overcome Restlessness in Meditation

To overcome restlessness, we need to make a strong, conscious effort to focus our thoughts and actions. As long as we habitually skip from one activity to the next, one thought to the next, our restlessness prevents us from experiencing calmness, the doorway to peace and happiness.

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How to Relax the Mind

Brain cells get exhausted by too much worry, hard work or thinking. Relaxation is found by changing the focus of your concentration. A hobby, a sport, yoga postures, or a change of environment can all give you real and lasting relaxation.