“If you would do even one one-hundredth of what I have taught, you would find God in this lifetime.” Paramhansa Yogananda encouraged his followers with these words, for he knew that the revolutionary teachings he brought had the power to transform lives. Though he launched his mission one hundred years ago, spiritual seekers and even scientists are only now beginning to realize its full potential to uplift global consciousness.

This week we’re presenting Ananda’s first virtual Spiritual Renewal Week with inspiring classes and uplifting events being viewed by thousands around the world. On Monday, Jyotish and I gave a class entitled “Control Your Life Force, Control Your Destiny,” and I want to share with you some of the inspirations we drew in preparing for our presentation.

One of the key concepts that Master taught was the conscious use of life force or prana, for which he coined the term, “lifetrons.” He defined this as “intelligent finer-than-atomic energy that constitutes life.” Simply put, life force is God’s power within that animates and sustains all life.

Beginning with the Energization Exercises, the first of Yoganandaji’s techniques, we learn to become aware of the flow of life force within our body and how consciously to draw the all-pervading life force into our body at will. Master called these exercises his “unique contribution to the science of yoga.”

how to achieve your life goals with painting by Nayaswami Jyotish are you coming

Over time we are increasingly able to focus this energy at the spiritual eye, until at last we achieve Self-realization.

His teachings also give us a wealth of instruction on the proper use of life force in daily life: controlling our emotional reactions; practicing self-discipline with regard to the senses; incorporating proper diet and exercise in our life.

Most important of all, Master brought us techniques of meditation, Kriya Yoga chief among them, that enable us to direct these “lifetrons” in the astral spine and raise them upward. Over time we are increasingly able to focus this energy at the spiritual eye, until at last we achieve Self-realization.

So here are five formulae for how to use this life force to achieve all your goals in life:

1. Life Force + Will Power & Magnetism = Success

By enhancing our own will power with divine energy, we can magnetically draw the opportunities and resources we need to succeed in any endeavor.

2. Life Force + Right Diet & Exercise = Radiant Health

A friend of ours who is a naturopathic doctor, using both conventional and alternative approaches to healing, recently wrote us: “In naturopathic medicine we refer to ‘life force’ as ‘vital force.’ The vital force is essentially a schematic, a ‘wiring diagram,’ that structures the energy that drives the spiritual, mental/emotional, and physical levels of our being. It is the vital force that we, as physicians, attempt to influence in our work.” This beautifully echoes what Master taught.

3. Life Force + Positive Thinking = Solutions to Problems

Adding greater energy to our thinking processes brings us into the realm of the superconscious. This is a higher function of perception, innate in everyone, that sees things in a unitive way, so that hidden connections and answers to problems easily present themselves.

4. Life Force + Meditation & Kriya Yoga = Soul Awareness

When we can energize our spiritual practice with “lifetrons,” meditation becomes not merely a dull or mechanical routine, but an exciting adventure in soul awakening. This may take time, but it will happen as you approach meditation with energy and willingness.

5. Life Force + Devotion = Oneness with God

Even spiritual techniques are not enough for us to achieve divine union. As Master did in his own life, pray with deep fervor, rousing your yearning for God’s presence so powerfully that one day He/She must respond.

Let’s each ask ourselves, as Yoganandaji did, “What is this life coursing through my veins? Could it be other than divine?” Add that power to your life, and you will find the fulfillment of everything you are seeking.

With energy and joy,

Nayaswami Devi

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  1. Thank you dearest Devi Ji for these 5 deeply uplifting tenets of our spiritual path. Love the words ‘pray with deep fervor, rousing your yearning for God’s presence’.. this whole week of SRW has been a much needed booster a liftoff in my sadhana, thoughts, feelings and actions. Ever so grateful to all who made this possible and to you both especially.

  2. Dear Nayaswami Devi Ji,

    Thank you for this blog! These guidelines are very helpful.
    Sincere gratitude to all those souls for giving us such an inspiring SRW. How much we enjoy it and learn from those classes. Very Grateful.
    And thank you for the Five Formulae poster. It’s is very convenient to store and refer to it often.

    In Master’s love

  3. Dear Devi,
    Thanks for your words and love. I always enjoyed them and they help me in every step I am!
    I love your paintings , I always feel peace , joy and hope !
    Thanks for sharing !

  4. I wish to express my gratitude to you for writing to me. You both have shown me the right path. Since 2007 I am a sincere devotee of the Master. And I do try to meditate and pray. But personal circumstances are quite difficult and I have been deceived and harmed by some people. And this makes me distressed. I hope to start a new phase of life, with your divine blessings !
    Amen !

  5. Thank you for your loving and most generous assistance in matters of meditation practice, in matters of finding a deeper coherence of Yogananda’s teachings/writing, in matters of understanding what a seeker cannot always put
    into words to ask. Thank you for your gifts of clear instruction and openness to share this wisdom. All Love.

  6. Thank you for the 5 step program to living a more fulfilled life.

  7. Thanks Deviji and Jyotishji
    for the inspiration, SRW and the teachings.
    Thank you

  8. Jai guru dev
    Happy Guru Poornima to all of you
    Guruma devi ji please bless me and my family always…….
    My dad is suffering from colon cancer 4th stage please pray for him

  9. Thank you so much for this post. I didn’t take notes during the talk and wished I had. You’ve given us something that we can post at home as a reminder.

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