Often in financial newsletters we see investment tips offered by an economic pundit saying what stocks to buy or sell in the coming year for the greatest profitability. For those of us who are seeking God and His divine riches, however, we need to follow the advice of a different kind of pundit.

The question we should ask our guru, or divine guide, is, “Where do I need to put my energy in the coming year? And what actions or qualities should I eliminate to make the greatest spiritual progress?”

Recently a friend at Ananda Village told me a wonderful story to illustrate this point. He and a senior member were doing repair work on a leaky roof on one of the homes here. After several hours of working up on the roof with the sun beating down on their backs, they decided to take a break.

As they rested, out of the blue the older man said, “Swamiji told us that very few people have enough good karma to stay on the spiritual path for their whole life. I’ve come to realize that many are drawn to spiritual teachings because of their good karma generated from past efforts. Very few, however, continue to invest new energy into their spiritual life and build the kind of new karma that helps one remain loyal to the end.”

He ended by saying, “People enjoy the wave of grace that brought them to the spiritual life, but without reinvesting spiritual energy, the grace soon wears thin. The magnetism of the world pulls them back, and they’re back to where they started. The secret of a lifelong commitment is to continue making the effort, no matter what the outcome.”

So, friends, here are some “investment tips” for the coming year to maximize your spiritual growth:

Look at what areas of your life can use an influx of dynamic new energy. Have your meditations become dull or mechanical? Try changing your schedule or where you meditate so that you get out of a boring routine. Choose some weekly group meditations to add to your schedule.

Has your practice of the meditation techniques gone on “automatic pilot”? Talk to a spiritual advisor, watch an instructive video, or read about the techniques to ensure that you’re doing them correctly. Reinvigorate your techniques with renewed energy and attention.

Ananda Assisi temple with friends from all over the world, Dhyana, Devi, Anandi, Dharmadas and NirmalaRebuild your personal relationship with God by including Him as much as possible in your thoughts, your problems, your activities, and your joys. Let Him be your first thought in the morning and your last thought at night.

Has your service become lackluster? Bring the concentration and focused attention awakened in your morning meditation into your daily activities. Then all day long your consciousness will be filled with dynamic energy, which can be redirected toward meditation in the evening.

All of these “investments” will renew your spiritual karma and pay great dividends that enable you to seek God with joy and devotion throughout your life. Finally, here is the best tip of all from Yoganandaji:

“Today I will plow the garden of life with my new creative efforts. Therein I will sow seeds of wisdom, health, prosperity, and happiness. I will water them with self-confidence and faith, and will wait for the Divine to give me the rightful harvest.

“If I reap not the harvest, I will be thankful for the satisfaction of having tried my best. I will thank God that I am able to try again and again, until with His help I do succeed.”

May the riches of God’s blessings fill your life in the coming year and always.

Nayaswami Devi

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  1. Thank you Deviji, in this new year i was thinking of a list of new ways to do things and new things to do, your timely message of asking the Guru and God [“Where do I need to put my energy in the coming year? And what actions or qualities should I eliminate to make the greatest spiritual progress?”] is really inspiring and instructive, showing me to be open to them for their guidance. Om Guru.

  2. Very good!! We can never take this invitation for granted, to live a life for God.

  3. Wonderful and so appropriate for the start of a new year. Having stuck with it for 53 years, I particularly find the mention of service to be extremely relevant. As Swami often said, service is the best way to reduce the ego.

  4. Thank you dear Devi. I learned a lot from reading these words. The prayer by Master especially, which you mentioned at the end, sounded like a Divine promise: a reminder that no sincere effort ever goes unnoticed in the eyes of God. He will help us get there as long as we keep trying. Thank you so much! Many blessings to you!

  5. I love this It will be helpful. I also just received a book I ordered from One Spirit–Just Do It which is 44 ways to help your meditation, so I will plan to re read your suggestions and a but of the book each morning. May God be with me!!!! And with you!!!! Marilyn

  6. Dear Soul friends! Thank you so much. I’m learning to reinvest in every way you’ve suggested. Please pray for me!

  7. Thank you Devi Ji!
    It’s very inspiring. It was like Master speaking to me.

  8. The way she ended with…”If I reap not the harvest….until with His help I do succeed”.

    Pretty much says it all!!

  9. Dear Nayaswami Devi Ji, Blessed New year to you & Jyotish Ji and all our Gurubhais
    Thank you very much for this inspiring blog. A great guide to starting the new year.

    In Master’s love

  10. Just at the right time that I needed some directions and here they come, thank you Master

  11. Thank You Deviji,
    Inspiring and uplifting!
    Great idea to “re-invest” and invigorate our spiritual practices – for what better investment is there … making our daily “deposits” to God and Guru!

  12. Thank you so much for writing this Deviji! Your emails are very aptly titled…it is indeed a Touch of Light…and of Joy!

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