Dear Friends,
This will be the last update we send from India during this trip. On Friday, Nov. 22, we fly back to the US after three and a half months on the road in Italy and India.
First, we want to thank so many of you who have been praying for us daily—we’re very aware how much your prayers sustain and protect us during these long trips. Except for very brief minor colds or coughs, we haven’t had any problems with our health or energy levels in the midst of a demanding schedule.
After returning from our seclusion in Abbott Mount, on Oct. 24 we met in Delhi with the team of architects including Panduranga, who are working on the design plans for the property which will house the Institute. The emerging ideas for development are absolutely amazing.
We won’t go into more details here other than to sketch in with broad strokes what’s being planned: a beautiful park with play areas for families and children; another park designed for meditation and inward experiences; a Gita museum showing visually Master’s explanation of the scripture; a museum for our gurus; meditation caves dug into a hillside; an outdoor amphitheater; a Temple of Light; renovation of the existing Hindu temple; and classrooms for the teaching center.
As the plans began to unfold, we all felt that the name “Institute” was inadequate to express what will be happening there. The property is located in the Greater Kailash area of Delhi, so the new name was born: Ananda Kailash. We’ll have a satsang with Panduranga at Ananda Village after we return to share in more depth.
The day after the meeting, on Oct. 25, we flew south from Delhi to our center in Pune, led by Jaya and Aditya. We’ve had a wonderful time with our friends here, and have done a number of classes, satsangs, and recorded videos.
On the weekends we’ve traveled to other Ananda centers in the south. Nov. 1–3 brought us to Bangalore to offer classes, bless their new center, and enjoy being with our dear friends, Haridas and Roma.
Nov. 7–10 found us in Mumbai with Narayani and Shurjo, who are doing a tremendous job of growing Ananda’s work there. It was wonderful to have a few days together with them. In both places, many new, young, serviceful devotees are joining, bringing dynamic energy and expansion to the work.
And finally on Nov. 15–17 we’ll travel to Khandala, midway between Pune and Mumbai, to a beautiful retreat center. Here we’ll end our public programs with a three-day retreat based on the “Living the Gita” course, with 150 people attending from all over India. It will be a wonderful way to say good-bye to many of our friends.
After the retreat, we’ll fly back to Delhi for some wrap-up meetings with the Course development team and the architects. Then it’s piling everything into our suitcases and heading to the airport.
It’s been one of the most amazing times of our lives. We thank you again for your support and your dedication to building Master’s and Swamiji’s work through Ananda wherever you are.
With joy and love,
Jyotish and Devi

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