Ananda Delhi India Spiritual FairThe big news here is Ananda’s Spiritual Fair being held this weekend, 9/24-25, 10am-6pm, Delhi time. They’ve rented a big facility with three large halls to hold non-stop classes and workshops. There will also be about a dozen booths. This has been in the planning stage for months with 250 volunteers involved in different aspects of it. Large billboards and banners are going up throughout the week. There could be thousands of people coming over the course of the weekend. Jyotish and I will be giving keynote talks on Saturday and Sunday. Please keep this event in your prayers.  This could be a huge step forward in building the work in NCR, and we’ll need all the new Ananda meditation and yoga teachers that just graduated to carry on the classes.

We travel to Chennai at the beginning of October for two weeks of classes and programs there, including the dedication of their large, beautiful new center. Jyotish and I continue to be well and things are going smoothly.

Nayaswami Devi

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