In last week’s blog, Jyotish talked about some of the insights he received during his seclusion. Today I’d like to share with you also some that came to me during this time (or more accurately this “time out.”)

how to create more time in life when you feel time is always running out with nayaswami devi on seclusion at crystal hermitage

I was “outside” of time and could simply rest in the present moment.

As soon as I closed the door and entered the Crystal Hermitage Guest House, where I spent my seclusion, I was filled with a lovely sensation. Usually, as we deal with daily life, we feel our time is broken up into many discrete units, each with its own demands. There’s the time to get up, to make breakfast, go to work, have meetings, answer emails, pick up the children, and on it goes. . . . And as we huff and puff our way through each day, we never seem to have enough time to get everything done—we simply “run out of time.”

But knowing that I had no commitments for a week, I had the wonderful feeling as I began my seclusion that I had stepped “out of time” in a different sense of the words: I was “outside” of time and could simply rest in the present moment. It’s surprising how rich that experience was.

The literal translation of the Sanskrit word “maya,” or cosmic illusion, is “the measurer.” It is the power that seemingly breaks up Cosmic Unity into separate parts, creating divisions and limitations. Caught in the web of maya, we measure the minutes, hours, months, and years, and rarely have the opportunity to step back to experience time in a different way: as the Eternal Now.

In his poem “Samadhi,” Master writes: “Present, past, future, no more for me, / But ever-present, all-flowing I, I, everywhere.” When we step “out of time,” and loosen the grip of maya, we can experience ourself as a part of a great oneness with all life.

Try this experiment. When you awaken in the morning and as you’re going to sleep at night, rest in the thought of timelessness. Your true reality is not what you do or have done, where you go or will go, but is eternal and unmoving. Watch your breath slow down, and enjoy this expansive feeling of “all-flowing I everywhere.”

During seclusion I also worked towards longer, deeper meditations. To help with this, I began looking through Swami Kriyananda’s little book of daily inspirations, Secrets of Meditation. The very first “secret” proved extremely useful: “The secret of meditation is relinquishing outward attachments, and affirming divine freedom within.”

Swamiji chose his words well here: he didn’t say “renouncing” or “denying” outward attachments, but “relinquishing” them. The nuanced meaning here is to surrender our attachments as an offering to God for his safekeeping. He will keep watch over all of the people, plans, and possessions in our life, and they’ll be waiting for us when we finish our meditation. But for a brief period, we can put them “out of mind” and rest in the well-being and freedom of the inner Self.

You’ll actually enjoy everything even more when you break the bonds of attachment, because in reality nothing is ours. Master expressed this thought beautifully in his poem “They Are Thine.”

I have nothing to offer Thee,
For all things are Thine.
I grieve not that I cannot give;
For nothing is mine, for nothing is mine.
Here I lay at Thy feet
My life, my limbs, my thoughts and speech;
For they are Thine, for they are Thine.

So, here are two insights from my seclusion that may help you on your spiritual journey: Step “out of time” and put things “out of mind.” It’s been refreshing and inspiring to integrate these attitudes into daily life. Why not try them and see for yourself if you, too, experience more inner joy and freedom?

With loving thoughts,

Nayaswami Devi

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  1. Love the ideas expressed in this article. Devi expressed what I’ve longed to do on a daily basis as well. It’s nice to see what I feel inside expressed in words by another. Thank you Devi for putting these profound insights down in writing for us all to see.

  2. I am inspired by this. Step out of time and Out of mind. Perfect advice Thank You.

  3. Very beautiful words. Yes it is true that time is running fast and we do not find our selves comfortable with what we have been able to attain in this physical world in our daily routines. So got a lesson of Relinquishing for a while and how to sleep

    thank you very much

  4. What beautiful reflections on seclusion from both of you. 🙏🙏🙏
    Devi, the peace of your experience was so beautifully stated that it became an experience rather than a reading. It changed my day and I will keep it so it can change many more as well as my seclusions themselves.
    Even just repeating the word “relinquish” brings peace.
    Love and gratitude abound as I surrender into your love … both of you.

  5. I loved very much everything you shared dear Devi💙 Suddenly it seemed possible to meditate and to relinquish my attachments to God with the words you wrote from Master 😇and Swami😇 and you💙 Thank you for all your beautiful love and divine friendship 😇bhajana 🎶🎸💛

  6. Thank you for an insightful and useful writing…on discovery
    channel today they are showing recent findings from new
    diggings deep under the sands of Egypt in the area of and
    at the sites of the “valley of kings”, many they say have
    remained buried for 3 to 4 thousand years,certainly,”out of
    time” makes one think about what must have actually
    been through the minds of those people,about their beliefs
    and their attachments so long ago during that mysterious
    time and civilization..and about how little is really known,
    that most of what is said seems based on conjecture from
    the little that is actually understood of the writings,or the
    incredible art,the pictographs on the walls,which is what
    I find most interesting with the other findings since that
    art,the amazing actions,scenes that they depict,must tell
    of their beliefs and actions and attachments but which i
    think are still not totally understood,not yet properly decoded
    as to what was actually being thought and actions that were
    undertaken…all lost to time,except for those who have attained
    enlightenment,they can know exactly what was truly happening
    in that long ago time and what was being thought and believed
    by that civilization because when one has attained enlightenment,
    they become,like the immortal soul..all knowing and timeless.

  7. Hello again,a correction to what I wrote,the tv
    show was on Nat. Geographic channel,not the
    Discovery channel and appears will be on all day.

  8. Thank you for simplifying and clarifying these divine truths. Stepping out of time and surrendering with our spiritual family each step of the way home. Jai Guru

  9. Dear Deviji, than you to your sharing, I remember my most recent and also previous seclusions, usually at the Meditation Retreat. As soon as I “unloaded my ‘stuff'” and stepped into Swamiji’s Dome I felt that feeling of timelessness and freedom. Walked when I felt to, daily, meditated deeper and longer with Master and Swamiji and felt a peace that often eludes me during the hubub of daily life. Maya ‘mostly’ disappeared and there were moments of deep freedom. I am deeply grateful for your loving example of Discipleship and encouragement. It keeps me in tune. With deepest gratitude, your Divine Friend. Namaste

  10. Beautiful letter… Thank you. I like the idea of stepping out of time and putting things out of mind. It’s got a lifting way about it that feels good! 🌹 Victoria

  11. Yes, Devi Ji “out of time” and “out of mind” I liked it.

  12. Seclusion in a place other than one’s home is best. The Chrystal Hermitage is a very special place to enter into this state of timelessness. It is the ultimate SAFE SPACE to relinquish everything. Perhaps in the golden Age, humanity will have many more true safe spaces, temples and (forest) sanctuaries liker that. Dedicated to the highest, and magnetized … over the course of “still time”.

  13. Dear Nayaswami Devi Ji,

    Thank you for this inspiring blog. Very useful guidelines.
    Almost always I seemed to be pressed for time. Reading your blog gives a different perspective all together.
    Thank you again and will put in to practice.


  14. So…so beautiful, profound and practical! Much gratitude of sharing this insight.
    Warm regards,

  15. Thank you soo very much for this inspiring blog…Soo much of confusion cleared..We are indeed here for a brief period..and nothing is ours..

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