We’re in India and recently had lunch with Indu Bhan, whom you may remember as the man who told us the fascinating story of how he and his companions found Babaji’s Cave. Indu is a font of amazing and inspiring stories, and he asked us if we would like to hear about the most memorable talk he had ever attended. Seeing the twinkle in his eye, we were eager to hear the tale.

Everything is a blessing from the divine. Touch of Light weekly blog inspired by Paramhansa Yogananda. #yogananda #quote Painting by Nayaswami Jyotish Novak

Everything is a blessing from the Divine.

“I had to pay a small amount to attend,” he began. “First there were fifteen minutes of kirtan, or devotional chanting. Then the teacher came on stage and said, ‘Everything that happens to you is a blessing from the Divine meant for your spiritual evolution.’ Then he walked off!

“Another fifteen minutes of kirtan ensued, and again he came on stage and repeated, ‘Everything that happens to you is a blessing from the Divine meant for your spiritual evolution,’ and walked off a second time. Another fifteen minutes of kirtan, and out he came again and repeated the very same sentence. Then he left, and that was the end of the evening.”

Indu concluded by saying that even though he was a youth at the time, and many decades have passed, he has never forgotten the evening or the talk.

Devi and I are practicing this lesson in our own way. We’ve been in the Himalayas helping to lead two consecutive weekend pilgrimages to Babaji’s Cave. In the intervening week, we were also fortunate to take seclusion at a retreat near Lohaghat, and visit some other sacred spots associated with our line of gurus. During this period we are accepting everything, every detail, as a blessing from the Divine in the form of Babaji.

Some remarkable things happened on the pilgrimages. There were several people who felt that their being able to come at all was a miracle in itself. One had been having dizzy spells and couldn’t even walk across a room a week before. Another man had had a serious knee injury that mysteriously vanished. Yet a third had a broken kneecap, and another was having upper spinal problems and was wearing a neck brace. The latter two had both been warned by their doctors that it was madness to attempt such a vigorous trek.

However, not only did everyone make the steep climb to reach the cave, but they were glowing by the end. The woman with the neck brace kept repeating Babaji’s name the whole way, until she realized that he was inside her taking every step. She felt so deeply blessed and blissful that she was unable to sleep that night.

Is everything that happens to us a blessing? Yes! Everything!! Even though some things may seem hard, still they are lessons meant for our spiritual evolution.

You might try this: In the morning when you get up, mentally say, “Everything that will happen today will be a blessing from the Divine, meant for my spiritual evolution.” Then sometime during the day say, “Everything that is happening is a blessing from the Divine, meant for my spiritual evolution.” And, before sleep, with gratitude, say, “Everything that happened today was a blessing from the Divine, meant for my spiritual evolution.”

If you do this for one week, with deep belief, it will change your life.

In the flow of divine blessings,

Nayaswami Jyotish


  1. One of the most beautiful and meaningful readings for me especially considering my work with my patients and the Gurus grace I seek at each second of my work with my patients and surgeries.
    Thank you so very much for sharing this Gurus message.
    Dr Harpreet

  2. Wow! Very inspiring! This gives me energy! I will practice what you said.
    Thank you, Jyotish. Jai Babaji!
    Love your paintings!

  3. Dear Divine friend Jyotish,
    I feel very much that I know this truth, but when you say it the way you say it, this becomes like a big realization in my life. Thank you for teaching with such faith . . . like what Devi wrote last week about St. Anthony when he said the words “I have seen Him”, and then everyone believed.
    Thank you Jyotish and Devi for teaching us with wisdom, and with sweetness. AUM

  4. Wonderful inspiration Jyotishji. Thanks. Jai Guru.

  5. A year ago when I went to Babaji’s Cave on pilgrimage with Mantradevi and Krishnadas, I prayed to Babaji all the way up to walk in my shoes, walk in my shoes. I was 75 and hadn’t been exercising and knew that normally I would be creaking around for days afterwards. But it was as though I hadn’t had any exercise in the days afterwards. I was totally fine. Being there was a beautiful experience.

  6. Thank you, Jyotish. This was a lovely thing to find immediately after meditating and making my breakfast smoothie. Blessings to you and Devi! – rb

  7. Thank you! Both Karen and I have been through 7 years of the most difficult trails and losses. Constant serious health challenges, people who I trusted to truly know me doing and saying terrible untruths and trying to hurt us as much as possible after we have given our hearts and unconditional love to them. Losing our treasured spiritual academy building and dong what I most loved to do. It seems a very dark cloud has laid heavy on us. And yet we have forgivin all and ourselves. We have stayed grateful for every act of love and kindness extended to us or others. We have kept true to our line of Gurus and talk to Master constantly. Though my heart aches at times, my trust is in “Everything that happens to us is a blessing from the divine for our spiritual evolution!” I must admit that I am weary and with all that has happened with us, and yet… I think mercy and goodness shall follow us in all the days of our lives anyway…. Kim ??

    1. Hi, Kim and Karen, So sorry that things have been so rough in your world. Love to hear from you directly and perhaps we can chat more about what’s going on for you. In Divine friendship always, Nayaswami Savitri

  8. What a beautiful approach to view every step of the path to God.

  9. Very interesting story.

    I would like some day visit the babaji cave and the himalayas.
    As well as the sout of india Tamil nadu.

    I´m going to look for a pilgrim to that places.

    May be you rember me. I meet you in your visit to mexico with Anaashini

    I will be in touch
    Regards César

  10. Wonderful.
    Thank you Jyotish.
    Continue to enjoy and experience every moment as a Blessing!
    ~~~Peace, Josette

    1. I am a psychiatric patient and should not go to exceses otherwise I get to much out of balance, as the energy gets to high so instead of repeating a mantra all day long,for a week I prefer to think of Master guiding me.
      I try to think of master as much as possible and pray to him during the day to bless the world,and all possible difficult conditions,and the animalkingdom and the world of nature ,Mother Earth,the planet, and pray for Ananda and myself that He would overshadow me.
      I hope you agree on this,Jyotich
      Love Dominic

  11. This is beautiful. I will do this every day and night.
    Thank you.

  12. Thank you Ji for this Wonderful message. This really helps us a lot. Pleasant things bring us Joy as they are gifts from the Divine and pain from difficult situations eases with this thought, that its for us to evolve spiritually.
    Thank you:)

  13. OM!
    Dear Jyotish and Devi,
    My pilgrimage to Baba ji cave, this year, was all about reconnecting…to myself and with you and Devi. The Universal energies have their divine ways of reconnecting life after life….
    Looking forward to spending more time with you both.

    Love and Light!

  14. Thank you beloved friend. I feel it. Something deep is changing (again…) Bless us all to be able to act on what we feel and learn the Divine Truth that “Everything that is happening is blessing from the Divine, meant for my spiritual evolution.” And, before sleep, with gratitude, say…, Namaste .

  15. It is amazing that the day I read this message is a day I REALLY needed to hear it. Thanks so much, Jyotish!

  16. Dear Nayaswami Jyotish Ji,

    Thank you for such an inspiring thought. We shall follow this .

    Aum …Prem

  17. Loved it.Thank you for sharing…very affirming for me…i have always said”that this challenge is bringing me closer to the Divine”…Thank You God……Ahmen
    It has not always been easy to do it……When it has been especially challenging , i chant/pray/breathe with intent or meditate more.to faciilitate remembrance of my oneness with God’s Love and Wisdom.
    Thank you for all that you do,

  18. Thank you for sharing. Brought tears to my eyes. God and Guru Bless You.


  19. Lots of love sir. Inspiring and at the same time motivates me to follow and feels master very closely.
    Glory to masters .

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