This story popped into my mind spontaneously while we were giving a recent class on the subject of Self-realization. Although it is entirely fictional, it gives us a window into the reality that Paramhansa Yogananda called, “Man’s Eternal Quest.”

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nebula in space for self-realization explanation in quantum physics-mystical, spirituality and science

“Wisps Surrounding the Horsehead Nebula,” by Mario Zauner.

Dr. Para was born, interestingly, in the first hour of the first day of the twentieth century. He became a brilliant scientist, and his many discoveries in the fields of physics, biology, and psychology made him both famous and well respected. But his papers grew increasingly eccentric, and his reputation finally collapsed entirely when he published his theory about kryptonite.

Dr. Para had long pondered the question of why people were never content and always yearned for something more. When the adventures of Superman came to his notice, he thought that he had finally found the solution. He proposed that, like Superman, our ancestors had come from the planet Krypton, and that we all had minuscule particles of kryptonite in our cells. These particles yearned to return to their home planet, making us ever restless. Though he looked with every instrument at his disposal in the early 1940s, he never could succeed in finding those particles. Well, you can easily imagine how his reputation, especially during a time of world war, was finally shattered.

But now it is nearly eighty years later, and our theories as well as our instruments have evolved greatly. We are now absorbed with scientific mysteries such why quantum particles change their behavior when they are observed. Even more intriguing is quantum entanglement, where two entangled subatomic particles seem to communicate instantly even across great distances.

An earth-shattering discovery was made recently by Dr. Amit Anand, a top physicist at the Large Hadron Collider near Geneva, Switzerland. After observing a huge data set of collisions, he discovered a new fundamental force, akin to electromagnetism, gravity, and the atomic forces. It seems, in fact, that he may at last have found the “unified field theory” that has eluded great minds from Einstein on. Dr. Anand found a very subtle but pervasive quantum force that connects all subatomic particles. Even more interesting, it appears to have a sort of conscious awareness that responds to thought. In short, it is the force that keeps everything in the universe connected.

Being the first to make the discovery gave him the right to give this force a name. Amit, being a humble man, did not want to name it after himself. As he was pondering the question, he remembered the stories his father, also a top scientist, had told him about his old friend, Dr. Para. Amit knew he couldn’t call it kryptonite, but it started his thinking down a similar path.

He sat to meditate, as he did every evening, and eventually his mind stilled and lifted itself to the spiritual eye. He floated the question, “What do you call a conscious universal force that unites everything in creation.” The answer came immediately, and that is why tomorrow all the headlines of all the newspapers will state in their boldest print, “BLISSONITE IS DISCOVERED.”

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It is bliss that creates the universe and holds it together. And it is bliss that is the “something more” that we constantly seek.

Blissfully yours,

Nayaswami Jyotish

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  1. Beautiful and fun story! How wonderful to know that we too have a ‘Blissonite’ element in us, just like the comics say.

    1. This knowledge has been available in Vedas since the beginning of universe. Vedas give emphasis on RIT ( Cosmic laws) and SATYA (truth).

  2. Thank you for this article. Jai Guru !

  3. This caused me to smile broadly this morning. The story will stay in my repertoire for some incarnations and lives on other planets!
    You are a wonderful storyteller! Joy

  4. Do you have a link to Dr Amit Anand’s discovery? I’ve gone down the Google rabbit-hole and cannot find anything.
    I’ve searched on Hadron Collider, conscious awareness – nothing comes up.
    Thank you.

  5. I loved this story the first time I heard it at Sunday Service?. It is even more enjoyable as a ‘Touch’ of LIGHT. Bless you and deviji for always sharing the LIGHT. Namaste (perhaps it will become a ‘registered trademark’ of a good and deep meditation.)

  6. What a beautiful, inspiring story. Thank you, I needed that story today

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