I once saw someone wearing a T-shirt with these words printed on the front: “Be patient with me. God isn’t finished with me yet.” Spiritually we are all “works in progress,” lovingly, unrelentingly being shaped by a divine hand.

The process of creation and evolution—whether for a great, heavenly body or an individual soul—has in each case a similar pattern. Let’s start with the example of the birth of a star. It begins with nebulous gasses spanning vast reaches of space whose atoms drift about at great distances from one another. Occasionally, two of these atoms happen to drift together, and their combined mass makes it easier for them to attract a third, and then a fourth, and eventually more and more.

Such a ball of matter keeps growing until its gravitational field can at last encompass millions of miles. At a certain point a great implosion occurs, sucking in gasses from vast distances. Then the gravitational force of this huge mass becomes so great that changes occur within its very atomic structure, and a star is born!

In The New Path, Swami Kriyananda compares this process to our own spiritual development: “The soul, similarly, in its gradual progress toward divine wisdom, develops the ‘gravitational’ power by which it attracts and holds the understanding it needs for enlightenment, until at last, in the firmament of living beings, it becomes a veritable ‘star.’”

Like attracts like. Every choice we make to meditate, to practice spiritual teachings in daily life, to attune ourselves with higher consciousness helps to create a magnetic vortex. Not only does this magnetism strengthen our positive habits, and draw support from the universe, it also firmly, unshakably fixes our consciousness in higher vibrations.

Swamiji once told us that even a single kind word, thought, or action elevates our consciousness. (Unfortunately the reverse is also true: A hurtful thought or action pulls our consciousness down, so that even little acts of unkindness have a cumulative negative effect.)

how a spiritual star is born swami kriyananda the new pathIn meditation, the more we concentrate on the light of the spiritual eye, the more that light fills our being. Each step forward along the way strengthens our resolve and fosters further progress. The time comes when the spiritual eye itself—the vibrant blue field surrounded by a golden halo with a radiant silver-white star in the middle—becomes a clear, highly magnetic perception. Then all the little wayward thoughts of outward longings, self-doubt, and indifference—all the resistances of the ego—will implode, and the great star of our inner spiritual awakening will be born.

Evolution holds sway over everything in the universe, from the tiny atoms in the air we breathe to the vastness of the greatest star. Our own divinely ordained evolutionary journey stretches out before each of us as well. Perhaps God isn’t finished with us just yet, but let’s do our best to achieve the great potential for which we were born.

With joy,

Nayaswami Devi

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  1. Thank you Deviji, beautiful description of spiritual implosion

  2. It is fun sometimes to read the Touch of Light without knowing which of you wrote it, and try to decide. I was sure this was a Jyotish Touch, with stars and galaxies. Congratulations Devi, for fooling me! A beautiful message.

  3. Really enjoyed reading this letter, its inspiring. encouraging, and even relaxing, a relaxing of the tensions I’ve been carrying around thank you Beloved Ananda Sangha Society

  4. Thank you beloved Devi, for this enlightening piece. My eyes are full of tears, and my spine is tingling. Every word is food for the soul. I’ve been touched by the Light!

  5. My ideas & hypothesii about what every-thing is all about, formulate over time as certain experiences give me glimpses into potential objective realities. I say potential because ever since age 6 I’ve been aware that as long as my consciousness resides within a physical form, I can’t assume every thought or realization is actually an objective truth., whether they are or not. I’ll allow that A-Ha moment to arrive when it’s ready. As far as my experiences in seeing Souls., one belonged to my father who is now my grandnephew. Although the Light of consciousness has no gender, at this stage we do have preferences, so “his” Soul was 12″ in diameter appearing as a White Dwarf Star & mine, seeing through the dream eyes of my deceased sister before coming back as “her” own grandniece to the niece she was at odds with, my Soul was approximately 12′ in diameter & held several more colored formations than that of my father’s. Before Yogananda’s 3rd visit in my dreams, this time in person rather than a photograph, when he was on top of a red roofed octagonal Ashram amongst what appeared to be mainly Oak trees, a stationary stream of fluctuating Gold Light spoke to me in a deep male voice. I responded the same way as when Sri Yukteswar talked to me in the first two dreams involving himself & a picture of Yogananda, I said “I Understand.” Even though I was unclear about what was said. So that experience helped me to realize that Souls may be mortal shells that house our evolving consciousness’ until they’re ready to burst free like a chicken from an egg.

  6. Dear Nayaswami Devi Ji,
    Thank you for this blog…

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