“There is a hidden strength within me to overcome all obstacles. I will bring forth that indomitable power and energy.” Paramhansa Yogananda shared this formidable thought with us, and gave us tools to accomplish that great goal. Here are five effective ways to build our inner power.

1. Begin with Self-Analysis

Introspection is a tool of which Yoganandaji spoke repeatedly. Analyze with self-honesty your own strengths and weaknesses. Once you’ve identified them, give increased energy to developing your strong points—these are your best warriors in the battle against downward-pulling forces. Practice daily by bringing your strengths to the fore.

Then, without self-denial or justification, look at your weaknesses. At the first sign of their whining in the back of your mind, cut these weaklings off at the source, and refuse to allow them to dictate to you. As Sri Yukteswar said, “Roam in the world as a lion of self-control. Don’t let the frogs of weakness kick you around!” Whenever you find yourself justifying your mistakes or blaming them on others, know that you are diminishing your own inner power, and stop immediately.

2. Practice Even-mindedness and Detachment

Controlling the reactive process is one of the central teachings of yoga. Circumstances are always neutral. If, for example, we allow ourselves to react when it’s too hot or too cold outside, we are constantly a victim of circumstances over which we have no control. Remember: Nothing and no one can take away your peace if you don’t allow it. When you find yourself being pulled into a reactive vortex, repeat these words of Yoganandaji: “I am the prince of perpetual peace, playing in a drama of sad and happy dreams on the stage of experience.”

3. Develop Mental Strength

How to build inner power tips for self-transformation based on teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda

Nayaswami Devi and Swami Kriyananda at his birthday celebration around 2005.

Concentration and determination are the foundations upon which we build the edifice of inner power. Challenge yourself daily to accomplish something new, or to perform a routine task in a different way. When working towards a goal, don’t allow into your mind the thought, “Well, it’s good enough.” Continue on until you can say honestly, “I’ve done the best that I can.”

When we live in this way, we draw the support of the universe to infuse our own efforts. Try to feel that with the magnetism of your determination, there are no obstacles that you can’t overcome.

4. Love Heroically

Swami Kriyananda has said that when times are difficult, either for you personally or in the world around you, the best way to stand strong is to love heroically. In a sense, this is the combination of detachment and mental strength. If you can love others no matter how they act towards you, then you can transform personal love and friendship to expressions of God’s divine love. Try it. Don’t hold back your love from anyone, friend or foe, and feel the power and freedom that this awakens within you.

How to build inner power tips for self-transformation based on teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda

“The world may change or disappear, but truth can never die!”

5. Find Your Own Relationship with God’s Light

The times in which we live are confusing, to say the least. So many claims vie boastfully one against another that universal values and truth have become obscured. But as Swami Kriyananda declares in one of his songs: “The world may change or disappear, but truth can never die!”

In these uncertain times, we need especially to follow the practices of meditation that we’ve been given. The truth, the light, and the love we are seeking are all to be found within the calmness of our own being. Once you’ve touched these inner realities, cling to them and don’t waver. They will be the divine beacon that guides you through all adversity. As we build our own inner power, we can also become a source of support and strength to all those around us.

In divine friendship,

Nayaswami Devi

This blog is based on a talk by Nayaswami Devi during Spiritual Renewal WeekNayaswamis Jyotish and Devi’s SRW talks are available for viewing online here.

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  1. Dear Nayaswami Devi JI,
    Thank you for this wonderful article :). These are very valuable guidance.
    Jai Guru

  2. (Pressed enter too soon)
    “The world may change or disappear, but truth can never die!” – I just love this song from Swamiji. When I am down or kind of wondering what is happening… I listen to this song… This line just boosts me up “Come you are a man no passive stone. Stand up and call your soul own…”
    Jai Guru

  3. thank you for this wonderful little discourse it has come to me at an opportune moment, im at make or break time as I have battled with addiction for 2 decades now but in this time I have only lived by myself for only 8 years and am hanging on by a finger nail, im one mistake 1 weak moment away from losing my flat and going to court, and gaining more debt and so on, I see ive acted on weaknesses for years now ive not really thought about my strengths, probably didn’t think I had any but this morning I Am aware that, that’s not the case, I do have strengths and now I know to put my energy into them to develop them more, becuase like the discourse says there my warriors fighting the good fight for me for god, where as I clearly see now that I brought constant attention to my weaknesses affirming and reaffirming them laying them in to my consciousness deeper and deeper like a mantra they are part of the Me story that needs surrendering. So thought id let you know a bit about me so that you know how you potentially helped me, of course I still have to practice and apply this pure knowledge that was so lovingly given. But here is the main thing I want to do and that is to connect with my heart and Thank You. So Thank You my Dear Beloveds Amen.

  4. Nayaswami Devi,
    Your words speak to me so much right now. I am planning on retiring from current field of work. I want to teach meditation and create more art work.
    Linda Hagen

  5. Thank you Deviji.
    Really practical.
    Joy to you

  6. Love this, Devi!
    So very helpful.
    Thank you.

  7. You gave an example that when it is too hot or too cold one can choose not to react
    I experienced this on a pilgrimage
    My weekness was was in front of me
    But I’d like to add something
    I was well aware of the climate as I researched about it on the internet so I didn’t wish to go as I knew my body is not accustomed to harsh environments. I was forced to go.
    Isn’t accepting your weakness being aware of it important
    I had options1) Not to go even though I was forced, then I’d be arrogant My husbands wish to go wouldn’t be fulfilled
    2) carry thermals and other proper clothing
    Everyone makes fun of me even today because I couldn’t handle the climate there
    That makes me wonder …,,,,

    1. Dear Rajeshwari,
      The changes in temperature are one environment, but other people’s expectations of us are also an external environment. You made the right choice to go along with the plans for the pilgrimage. You might have brought warm clothing no matter what others thought. And if everyone teases you, that is their problem , not yours. Be contented and even-minded no matter what others say.
      With joy,

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