Some years ago we were leading a New Year’s retreat in which one of the exercises was to write down your resolutions for the coming year. Afterwards one of the guests came up to Devi and said, “I find that really disappointing.”

“What?” she asked.

The man replied, “You’ve been on the path for so many years, and you still have things in yourself that you’re working on.”

A friend, who has a wonderful sense a humor, was observing the scene and rescued the day by saying, “Devi is the only one among us who isn’t perfect. That’s why we have her working with the guests.”

At the peril of disillusioning you, dear friend, I thought you might enjoy seeing my New Year’s resolutions for the coming year. I’ll keep it simple, which suits my nature.

1. To do my best to keep my mind and heart positive and expansive. If I can get this one right, everything else will fall into place naturally. Our consciousness is like a giant funnel. As our energy moves up it expands until, ultimately, it leads to Self-realization.

As it moves down, it contracts, which leads to “self-I-ness”—usually spelled with an “sh” as selfishness. The upper part of the funnel fills us with happiness, inclusiveness, and joy. The lower part shrinks our heart and mind. This year, I want to try to keep my energy always moving upward, and nudge up the level of my specific gravity.

My New Years Resolution is Kindness and Meditation and to Share Light2. To be more actively caring and friendly. I usually try to keep my heart open and positive. When I do, I can see that light fills me and radiates outward to all those around me. For me, the most natural expression of love is as expansive friendship, kindness, and caring. This year, I want to let those qualities be more obvious, less hidden. I’ll try, however, to avoid imposing on others. If I have a little light to share, it is better to offer it gently, as a way to illuminate their path ahead, than to shine it brightly in their eyes, assuming that my insight is what they need.

3. To be deeper in those practices that move me upward. I have all the spiritual techniques and teachings I can meaningfully use. I just have to do them more and better. With those where I’m still weak, I’ll take on two at a time (one habit of meditation, and one of lifestyle) until they become permanently fixed in my daily routine.

4. To stay connected more consciously to God and Gurus throughout the day. Wanting to do this is not the problem. Remembering to do it is.

There are also a couple of things I still do that pull my energy down. I’ll make an effort to avoid them.

1. Spending too much time with news and media. Over the years, the news has become less informative and more filled with gossip and judgmental opinions. I don’t need to open myself to energies that seek only to stir up negative reactions.

2. Multitasking. Especially while I’m meditating, but also during the day. I’ll try to focus on one thing at a time, to “Be Here Now.”

This list is long enough. If I can accomplish or even improve on these, it will be a successful year. I offer this suggestion to you when you make your own list: Focus primarily on changing your consciousness. It is from that seed that all habits and outer behaviors grow.

May your new year be filled with light, love, and an ever-rising energy.

In joy,

Nayaswami Jyotish

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  1. Dear Nayaswami Jyotish Ji,
    Thank you for the inspiring blog… “Focus primarily on changing your consciousness. It is from that seed that all habits and outer behaviors grow”. This gives a lot of clarity. Thanks much for Sharing
    Happy Newyear to you, Devi Ji and All our Gurubhais

  2. Thanks for your teaching.hope we all have a peaceful new year

  3. Thank you Jyotish. I feel normal reading your New Years resolutions. Your resolutions are close to what I want in my life. This year instead of wasting my time writing mine. I will just adopt all of yours.

  4. Kind and Loving. I send you my love.
    Vinnie Cruz

  5. Dear Jyotish-
    Thank you for sharing your goals with us. Far from being discouraging it is encouraging and inspiring to know our spiritual leaders take improvement to heart. Happy New Year 🙂

  6. It is a great story, and the most wonderful resolutions, Jyotish! I think it quite funny that the man was disappointed that Devi wasn’t “perfect”. If I had been there, I would have pointed out that even Master–a fully realized being–was periodically “corrected” by his Guru… just so he could be an example to the rest of us UN-enlightened beings! How could he even presume to know what Devi’s state actually is?! My understanding is that–unless one’s destiny is to be a Guru–one who has attained self-realization keeps this attainment hidden from others. Hopefully that man has since received clearer insights into such matters!
    Finally, I want to assure that I have ALWAYS felt great love and caring emanating from you AND Devi as well. Whether or not I have personal contact with you, I feel this lightness radiating from you both…and am uplifted by it. And at the infrequent times when we do have personal contact, it is just an additional blessing!
    Love and light back to you both….thank you SO much for all that you both do to serve this world… and may you have a blessed and beautiful new year. Supriya

  7. Thank you Jyotish ji for your friendship and support. Happy New year to Devi ji and you!

  8. Gratitude from across the U.S. in Dallas, TX . . .
    Thank you for sharing, Jyotish.
    A blessed New Year to you and Devi.
    Hoping to see you for IRW.

  9. So very reassuring to know that our most exalted leaders work the same challenges that mark my days, rather than abiding in some inscrutable realm beyond my comprehension. Once, when Joytish touched me at the spiritual eye, a flow of energy healed a jagged tear at my fifth chakra (that I knew about due to a psychic reading). So it’s clear that the Doer is getting through just fine! And Devi’s warmth and friendliness have lighted my way from the very beginning, remaining with me always. Please know, Joytish and Devi, that this goose up in Port Townsend is honking lovingly for our head geese. Love and joy to you both and to all my spiritual family, and gratitude for the great treasure from the Masters that all of you are holding and expanding! Shakti Dieste

  10. Dear Jyotish, as always you counsel and insight is wise and lovingly reminding me and all gurubhais and the world that wanting to feel and share God and Guru’s love is primary. Our 25% is remembering to put 100% into our 25%. In Divine Love, Friendship and Gratitude, navi.

  11. Nayaswamis Joytish & Devi,
    May you continue to live a beautiful & blessed life in 2019.
    Thank you for your many words of comfort & inspiration.
    In Joy, Peace & Love, Betsy Edwards

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