For the last year we’ve been working on a very important project, The Indira Institute. The purpose of the Institute is to bring the universal teachings of Ananda’s line of masters to a much larger audience. Until now, Ananda has concentrated largely on training and supporting devotees, those who want to find God. Noble though this is, there are many people who want to improve their lives and know this involves changing their consciousness, but don’t currently define themselves as spiritual. This is the audience we want to reach.

We’ll start in India by offering a weekend “Signature Course” based on universal principles expressed in the Bhagavad Gita. As we looked closely, we came up with nine themes or gems, so we’re calling the weekend course, Gita Navaratna, Nine Gems for Living the Gita in Modern Life.

We’ve been intensely busy the last few weeks working on this course, feeling a sense of urgency because we will present the very first, prototype version during Inner Renewal Week, which starts on February 16. Recently I realized that these nine gems represent a brief, but complete, overview of the universal spiritual path. Here, then, with nine gems from the Bhagavad Gita, is a five-minute overview of the evolution of consciousness we all must experience.

1. The Inner Conflict

The battle of Kurukshetra is an allegory of the battle between our positive and negative tendencies, represented by the opposing armies. We each must fight this battle in order to regain our natural kingdom of peace, harmony, and happiness.

The Spiritual Path Overview, Krishna from the Bhagavad Gita helping devotees on spiritual journey.

In the Gita, Krishna instructs Arjuna on moving from limited ego-consciousness to soul-consciousness.

2. The Imperishable Soul

The soul (a spark of the eternal consciousness of the Creator) reincarnates repeatedly, taking on an ego, or particular body and personality, in each incarnation. In the Gita, Krishna instructs Arjuna on how to move from limited ego-consciousness to soul-consciousness.

3. Self-Offering

In order to move from ego-consciousness, (the limited realm that is perceivable by our senses) to soul-consciousness (our eternal Self), we must be willing to offer up the desires and attachments that enmesh us.

4. Directional Development

This takes time. Evolution is like a spiral stairway, and for each individual there are steps leading upward and those that lead downward; things that expand our consciousness and those that contract us. We evolve through four distinct stages: heavy, ego-active but contractive, ego-active and expansive, and light.

5. Karma

Karma is the mechanism by which we learn and evolve. Every thought, word, feeling, and action produces a pulse of energy that is reflected back to us, just as an echo returns a sound to its source. If we project angry or negative energy, we will experience that quality reflected back to us. If we give out love and friendship, the same will be returned. Gradually, the soul learns to act in accordance with higher universal principles.

6. Dharma and Right Action

Dharma has two meanings: universal righteousness, and one’s life purpose. Right actions are activities and duties performed in accordance with dharma. When done without attachment, they lead us toward freedom.

7. Knowing Truth

Pandu symbolically represents discrimination, but he dies young, leaving his sons (our spiritual qualities) as orphans. When our power to know right from wrong dies, we lose our moral compass. We then fall under the control of the blind, sensory mind, which is unable to perceive what brings true happiness.

8. Devotion

The heart’s feelings are pivotal. When our emotions are negative, our consciousness contracts. When we guide the feelings in an upward and expansive direction, we not only move toward superconsciousness, but also magnetically draw the support of universal forces.

9. Self-Realization

The ultimate goal of life is to expand our consciousness until it becomes infinite. The most direct pathway to this is through deep meditation.

There is so much more that can be said, so, in a sense, this is just a teaser. We invite you to join us for Inner Renewal Week, which will be live-streamed and also videoed. We also invite your feedback and comments on this wonderful adventure that we are all experiencing together.

In joy,

Nayaswami Jyotish

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  1. Wishing you all the very best success in moving forward with this project. May Master’s and Swamiji’s blessings be in abundance! Aum

  2. Thank you Jyotishji, this is very inspiring. Looking forward to the Inner Renewal week videos.
    Through Ananda Sangha, it feels like Swamiji has created a higher age (satya-yuga) bubble of consciousness on the earth, bringing these wonderful Truths into practical applications and a way of living in God’s presence.

  3. Dear Jyotishji
    Thank you! Each are wonderful points, just teasers, each deserves deeper and full time multiple sessions 🙂 Looking for the inner renewal weeks virtual sessions of course.

  4. I would have switched numbers 2 and 9. I think knowing what the goal is, is of upmost importance. Most people think that meditating just helps you to be calm instead of using it as a tool towards self-realization.

  5. The overview of the 9 gems brings a profound glimpse of the power and potential of this course of study with the Indira Institute that is about to be born. Thank you for all the planning to this truly inspired approach to finding true happiness. I look forward to Inner Renewal Week. And thank you for letting us know about radio interview with Amy Elizabeth Gordon in her League of Extraordinary Couples series. This too, is a significant opportunity to spread the teachings. Thank you for all you do and being who you are.

  6. I appreciate the clarity and simplicity of these gems from scripture, applicable to all life. Thank you, Jyotish, for your dedication to Yoga which lights, with clarity, your blog posts. I hope you’ll publish much more!

  7. This is wonderful, Jyotish and Devi. It strikes me as a fulfillment of Swamiji’s commitment to bring God to people in every aspect of their lives: work, marriage, child-raising, education, business, science, healing, and the arts. So many ways the principles of Sanaatan Dharma shed light on how everything works. (Awkwardly stated – sorry, but deeply felt.)

  8. Thank you, Jyotish! I am printing and putting this on my wall.
    Linda H

  9. A little idea that can also help to reach that audience you mentioned,and also help to fund such projects,is a small business Ananda can start called,”Wisdom Wear.” This would be t-shirts and sweat shirts with a Bible or Gita verse on the front,or a saying of one of the Masters. On the back of each shirt can be something like,”brought to you by Ananda”,with the address & phone number for those interested in receiving more information and also wanting to buy the,”wisdom wear” or give donations..this would be another very good & effective way,although starting small, to spread the teachings to the general public and foster more interest for those who are seeking to stay positive,need uplifting,want to help others be better in their work or home lives and for those wanting to seriously begin on the spiritual path.With an advertised launch of a, “Wisdom Wear” store,with pictures of the shirts and smiling members wearing the t-shirts,sweat shits and maybe hats too,displaying various thought provoking,uplifting,guiding and reminding holy scripture verses and spiritual quotes from the saints and Masters.The “wisdom wear” will then circulate in public places everywhere and the idea could grow into something very much accepted,wanted,needed,much used and appreciated..and as such,profitable…i ask only 5% of profits for the idea(if it becomes profitable),which will help me with living expenses and to move there(10% of that will be given to Ananda),the idea is for His work to continue and to someday,hopefully soon,”spread like wildfire.” Thank you for another great posting…g

  10. Dear Nayaswami Jyotish Ji,
    Many thanks for this structuring this course and brining the teachings of our Masters to a larger audience. This is very much required for our time here now. From youngsters to adults and to people of all ages this would be very beneficial. Many people that I know are interested in these teachings and would like to discuss but do not define them as Spiritual. This course of timeless truths would be of a great value to all.
    We are looking forward to it. These teasers are itself a great lesson 🙂
    One quick question – Just on the Name of the institute “Indira”… What does the name represent?

  11. If I’m right about lives I may have lived, then Krishna & Yeshua would have been 2 lives lived by the same consciousness. Though I’ve always known that there are Souls whose consciousness’ are more evolved then mine, it wasn’t until just recently that I met through my work (a job that I felt reassured would manifest itself when confronted with anxiety about finding work) an individual whose Soul/Star has a much greater magnitude than that of mine. So much so, that I can actually feel the pull of its gravity. He may be a fellow seeker that I haven’t seen for awhile, during this current universal incarnation. Hint: although anything can destroy his form, he/it remains untouched. Not Krishna or Yeshua, that consciousness exists as radiant Light. And we’re more like finders rather than seekers, the difference between us if not in the age of our Star’s, are the contours of our paths. His would be more direct. I have yet to speak of this with him, even though I’ve since discovered he’s philosophically religious. Btw, Souls are spherical shells of ethereal plasma* that expand in size to accommodate the experience & wisdom the consciousness acquires through living innumerable lifetimes. The consciousness in all living beings are made up of the same light, occupying varying levels of conscious maturity. * the purest of physical matter’s form

  12. Looking forward to Inner Renewal Week and covering all the points you mentioned. Thanks for the teaser!

  13. Wonderfully structured. The one I like to reflect upon; to quote you, “When our power to know right from wrong dies, we lose our moral compass. We then fall under the control of the blind, sensory mind, which is unable to perceive what brings true happiness.”
    Thenks. Jay Gurudev

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