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Boothes Volunteers for Paramhansa Yogananda Charitable TrustThe Spiritual Faire on Sept 24 & 25 in Delhi was an extraordinary experience for everyone. For two days, about 200 Ananda volunteers served huge crowds by giving classes, talking with the guests, staffing dozens of booths, serving food, selling Ananda’s books and products, and leading demonstrations of meditation, healing, energization, and yoga postures. I don’t think anyone who came from the outside or who served there will ever be the same.

Practising Yogananda Energization ExercisesThe estimated attendance was over one thousand people, with as many as half being brand new to us. Those that we met and talked with after our classes felt like our own—full of eagerness to learn Master’s teachings and become part of Ananda. It seemed as though Master was sending a whole new batch of his disciples to us, now that Ananda has developed enough to receive them.

Free copies of Autobiography of a Yogi were given to all new people in attendance.Three separate large rooms in a lovely hotel were used for simultaneous classes and workshops, while the booths and food stations were well organized in the corridors and foyers. The largest room held about 300, and the other two about 100 and 60 respectively. The large room was often filled; the smaller rooms were usually filled to capacity. Classes changed every hour throughout the day (10 a.m. – 6 p.m.), and new guests were able to receive an experience of the breadth and scope of Master’s teachings that no one class alone could have presented. On Sunday for our keynote talk, “Seventy Years of Autobiography of a Yogi,” there were nearly 300 extremely receptive, focused people. It was a joy to share with them, and it felt like we were speaking to old friends.

screen-shot-2016-09-27-at-4-41-33-pmBefore our talk we showed the new AY video produced by the Communications Dept. at Ananda Village—it’s very impressive. Finding Happiness was shown at the end of each day. Three hundred free copies of the Autobiography were given out (one per family or couple). The new Ananda graduates from Meditation Teaching Training, Yoga Teaching Training, and Healing Teaching Training led many of the classes. They’ve all been well prepared, and people loved their classes.

14380145_10210539910315773_7170726400245797571_o-1This really felt like a milestone in the history of Ananda India. The organization and clear thinking that went into every detail, the cooperation and harmony between our NCR centers that put it on (Gurgaon, Delhi, West Delhi, and Noida), the excellent classes on many aspects of Master’s teachings—all came together to change lives. We know that Master and Swamiji must be very pleased.

On Monday, Oct. 3, we leave for two weeks of programs and activities in Chennai, including the dedication of their new center. Thank you all for your prayers. They light the way before us.

With love in God and Guru,

Jyotish and Devi

See photos from the event here.

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