Upcoming Kriya Yoga Initiations and Retreats

Kriya Initiations (US Only)

Here is a list of all current upcoming Kriya initiations in the USA. The dates may change or there may be additional initiations being offered, so please contact the location where the initiation is being offered, or email us at kriyayoga@ananda.org to verify. Often these initiations are only for 1st Kriya, so if you wish to be initiated into the higher Kriyas, please contact us.


May 5 – 7: Midwest Kriya Retreat

(Not yet confirmed)

May 5 – 7: East Coast Kriya Retreat

May 20: Expanding Light. Ananda Village 

(All Levels)
(This initiation is part of a Annual Kriyaban Retreat May 18 – 21)

May 21 – 26: Meditation Retreat, Ananda Village   

(Kriya Seclusion Retreat)

August 11: Expanding Light, Ananda Village

(All levels)
(This initiation is part of Spiritual Renewal Week)

October 14: Expanding Light, Ananda Village

(This initiation is part of a 7 day Preparation for Kriya Yoga Intensive October 8 – 15)

December 8: Expanding Light, Ananda Village

(This initiation is part of Preparing for a Lifetime of Kriya November 29 – December 3)

December 10 – 12:  Strengthening Your Kriya Practice Retreat, Expanding Light, Ananda Village

December 28 – January 1: New year Silent Kriya Seclusion
New Year Silent Kriyaban Retreat and Seclusion

Kriya Initiations Outside of the United States

North, South, and Central America