The contrast between meditation’s vast potential and our own experience is sometimes daunting. It would be wonderful if our meditations were always deep and blessed with blissful experiences of God. But if this were true, it would mean that we were already a highly advanced soul with little or no karma to work out.

God constantly works with us in our meditations to help us perfect our relationship with Him. Every obstacle we face in meditation is an opportunity to learn how to love God the same way He loves us. Spiritual experiences will flow freely to us when we learn to meditate with the right attitude.

Without spiritual challenges we would continue on in blissful ignorance and our lives would remain the same. The efforts we make to overcome the challenges inherent in meditation make us better meditators and more in tune with God. So in a way, we can view obstacles as friends who show us exactly where we need to work if we are to grow spiritually.

These articles will give you hope and encouragement for your practice, a better understanding of the obstacles you might encounter, and how to overcome these challenges.