When you work for God, not self, that is just as good as meditation. Then work helps your meditation, and meditation helps your work.
 Do not wait until tomorrow to meditate. Do not wait until tomorrow to be good. Be good now. Be calm now. It will be the turning point of your life.  
As long as a restless thought or a bodily motion remains, you cannot hear the Inner Voice, or see with the Inner Eye. In other words, God will not enter your temple.
The mind must manifest calmness. Where the worries and trials of everyday life are concerned, the mind must be like water, which does not retain any impression of the waves that play on its surface.
The goal of every raindrop is to reach the sea, just as it is the goal of every soul to unite with God.  
The secret for bringing peace on earth is...forgiving any who have ever wronged you. Indeed, if you cannot offer peace to them, how will you offer it to others whose lives have never touched yours?
Meditation will enable you to return to the peace you’re always looking for – at the center of your being.  
The secret for bringing peace on earth is...to remember that whatever peace you bring must begin on that little piece of earth where you live.
The secret for bringing peace on earth is...to surround yourself, wherever you go, with an aura of peacefulness. Walk consciously in that light of peace.
The secret of bringing peace on earth is...to understand that true peace is never passive; that, like nourishing rain, it sustains whatever life it touches.
The secret of bringing peace on earth is...to let your every movement be an expression of your inner peace and harmony.
The secret of meditation is...deep relaxation: Inhale, tense the body; throw the breath out and relax. Release into the surrounding atmosphere, like wisps of vapor, any lingering eddies of tension that you feel.
The secret of meditation is ...to focus your gaze and attention at the Christ Center between the eyebrows — the seat of ecstasy in the body. 
The secret of meditation is ..Loving God in whatever form you hold especially dear, and praying, “God — my Father, Mother, dearest Friend — I am Thine forever: Thine alone!”
Meditation is possible only in perfect stillness. How can God hold a meaningful discussion with you if you keep on interrupting?