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Nandi the Bull

It is said that, of all the males of bovine breeds, the dairy bulls are the meanest, as a result of their prolonged separation from their mates. And, of all the dairy bulls, the Guernseys are considered the worst — horns and shoulders, one might say, above the others. At Ananda Village in the late 1970s, we kept a Guernsey bull for … Read More

Shamini Naidu author of Music Makes Art? Radio Ananda blog post.
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Music Makes Art?

I recently heard of an artist who experimented during a workshop by encouraging spontaneous responses to the music playing in the background. He discovered that “Music which irritates the artist-listener often has a detrimental impact on the painting. Unpleasant music may produce dark, strong marks or, at its extreme, a blank stare at a blank canvas.” This fall we offered … Read More

Osnat Ashtara Levin painting - Ananda Intern program
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Tune Your Heart if You Want to Grow

If you’ve ever worked in sales, this account won’t sound foreign to you: you’re sitting at your computer, a headset on your ear, connected to a multi-button phone rig that you don’t understand. The manager opens the lines and…