Complete Ananda Yoga Sadhanas

• Experience Deep Calmness
• Live in Vibrant Joy
• Energization, Yoga & Meditation

Short Ananda Yoga Practices

• Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation
• Yoga for Meditation
• 20-Minute Routine
• Yoga for Busy People

Specialty Ananda Yoga

• Restorative Ananda Yoga
• 3 Restorative Ananda Yoga Poses
• Chair Yoga
• Yoga for the Chakras
• Yoga to Awaken the Chakras
• Heart-Opening Yoga
• Living in the Spine
• Yoga for Emotional Health
• Yoga for Menopause

The Ananda Yoga Series

The 12 volumes of this video series offer empowering tools for developing a wide range of spiritual life skills: from enhanced health and vitality to achieving your goals, and from unshakable happiness to divine connection. Each volume offers four 45-minute classes; its title conveys the specific skills that it will help you develop.


Volumes 1-6

1. Live from Your Center
2. Energize Your Life
3. Relax and Reconnect
4. Enhance Your Meditation
5. Build Inner Strength
6. Attain True Happiness

Volumes 7-12

7. Find Peace of Mind
8. Heal Body and Mind
9. Achieve Your Goals
10. Find Emotional Balance
11. Deepen Your Inner Life
12. Come Closer to God