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  1. 5 out of 5

    Absolutely 5 stars!
    I completed my first TTC in 2011 and since then have done several short courses, but I have never experienced such quality and depth of teachings as in this course. They was a lot of content all taught to a very high standard. The online platform was easy to use, the teachers were all talented, friendly and you could tell they lived the teachings!
    I enjoyed the philosophy classes the most but I was impressed by every aspect of the course.
    I also liked the live Sadhana classes and felt supported by the teachers throughout all the assignments.
    I plan to go on and complete the level 2 course soon.
    Thank you Ananda Yoga team for the knowledge and wisdom you have shared,

  2. 5 out of 5

    I am also very grateful that I discovered Ananda Yoga. I loved the depth of instruction and particularly the focus on yoga philosophy and pranayama.

    The course helped me to deepen my practice by enabling me to focus on tuning into the subtle movement of energy. The affirmations also are an excellent resource to help bring mind, body, and spirit together.

    All of the instructors are excellent and were very helpful in teaching all aspects of yoga.

    Thank you all so very much.,

  3. 5 out of 5

    I loved the bridge to ananda yoga course. Even with my experience as a yoga teacher and in working with the body and the healing arts as a physical therapist and body worker, I learned a lot and found the course very engaging.

    This course deepened my own practice of ananda yoga and will continue to do so over time. The subtleties of the poses and way we learn to work with and feel energy in the spine during this style of yoga will be an ever evolving opportunity to expand. My meditation is so much deeper after my ananda yoga postures practice!

    The staff of this course is also so supportive and accommodating. I highly recommend this course if you truly want to experience the power of yoga postures as they were originally intended to be.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Five stars to this training; I thoroughly enjoyed the teachings of Ananda Yoga. It certainly was intensive, full of great content, super helpful feedback, and I felt supported every step of the way. I recommend this training to anyone seeking a spiritual style of Yoga. Thank you, Ananda Yoga. Grace

  5. 5 out of 5

    This review is regarding the online version of the Ananda Yoga Bridge program held in Jan-2022.

    I have received my 200HR yoga teacher training in 2015. Before signing up to this program, I thought it would be good to get a ‘refresher’, since I have not done in-person yoga teaching for the past 2 years due to pandemic. I am really glad I took this course. Melody and the teaching staff are highly professional in offering this high quality online Ananda Yoga program. The teachers are patient, supportive, joyful and very detailed in guiding each student to improve his/her yoga teaching skills. Amongst the many benefits I have received through this course, I will list out two examples here –

    1. In’s-and-out’s of teaching yoga online: Even though this is not one of the main goals for me to take this course, Melody and the teaching staff have put together a series of well thought of lectures which covers several aspects of teaching yoga online. The topics range from technical set-up at home studio, to giving better verbal cues and more effectively interacting with students through ‘screens’. I find this to be a very nice add-on, on top of the already rather comprehensive course curriculum.

    2. Emphasis on ‘higher awareness’ of teaching Ananda Yoga: I really appreciate that Melody and other teachers demonstrate through their examples not only how to lead asana sequences to make it safe, challenging and enjoyable for the students, but also the emphasis on ‘higher awareness’ that Ananda Yoga has to offer. I feel inspired to learn from them, to deepen my personal practice, and to become more skillful in teaching yoga.

    In summary, taking this bridge program is such a great experience for me. I am very grateful to all the teachers and fellow students in this cohort. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is interested in taking Ananda Yoga program, either for bridging-over to Ananda Yoga, or starting afresh as a new yoga teacher.

    Thank you!

  6. 5 out of 5

    I feel that this is an incredibly enriching program. They covered all bases from throughly demonstrating and teaching the asanas, teaching pranayama effectively, making sure we get proper safety and anatomy to keep our students safe, wonderful courses on tying yoga to the traditional philosophy and so much more. Best of all they made it fun and energized, making us feel comfortable with continual support being yoga teachers. I defiantly recommend it to anyone that wants to up their game in yoga teaching, my confidence really boosted!

    My personal favorite things are that their online presence was fantastic. The online course was very well designed, well priced and accessible. Coming from somebody who’s been doing online courses, I really appreciated how they put it together and how organized it was. I felt there was good repetition for memorization, it looked like a lot at the beginning, but it was actually very doable and the teachers gave amazing support and flexibility. Also speaking of online, they are the only yoga program I came across that is really preparing you to teach yoga online, and the trend seems to be looking that way for many yoga teachers. They help you create a professional yoga teaching practice with working with technology. it was super supportive. They showed us how to properly demonstrate on camera and how watch your students, keeping them safe and making yoga effective, all while creating a solid business presence. There’s a lot of people that will pay for courses that just teach you just this, but they had it with in the program which I thought was really amazing.
    And I also really love the fact that they did so many teachings of Yogananda, who brought yoga to the west. I have been been studying yoga science and philosophy from India, they did a very good job at teaching it to be understandable, accessible while still very much respecting the cultural traditions. This course tied many teachings together for me which really helped not just my profession as a teacher, but my personal practice.
    And the last thing I’ll say is that their Sadhana classes were excellent, I really enjoyed how much they linked meditation and the importance of it to the yoga practice and then we actually got to do it.

    I only have good things to say about this program and think that it’s totally worth it, Ananda yoga has a solid yoga teacher training with so many extra things to offer! So much gratitude and happiness that I took this course. Namaste!

  7. 5 out of 5

    I love this program. I came in with 500 hours of yoga teacher training, workshops with internationally renowned teachers, and a consistent 25+ year asana practice.

    From this course I learned lots of ways to bring more joy to my practice and my teaching of yoga asana, plus many more ideas on how to teach a range of students, online and in person, and to keep my own practice interesting and challenging.

    The overall purpose of yoga asana presented in this course is to bring energy up the spine to the point between the eyebrows. The awareness and use of subtle energy in this way is a powerful practice for integrating all aspects of self with Self. I am finding this subtle energy focus helpful to my everyday practice of being more attuned with and living more and more from a fully integrated place.

    The course also teaches unique positive affirmations for each asana. I have learned to use them in my practice and with students in a way that helps bring the attention of the mind to a more peaceful and joyful expansive state. The affirmations remind me not to hold onto anything to tightly or seriously in my practice and to let a greater sense of joy and peace flow through. It is beautiful to take this into my life.

    The nuts and bolts of teaching are also thoroughly covered in this course more so than any I previously experienced, including videos and live classes breaking down asanas, detailed anatomy, opportunities to teach each asana covered with a fellow classmate, sequencing and preparing classes and teaching those with classmates, detailed feedback from the instructors, and many opportunities to ask questions and provide feedback.

    It is a thoroughly prepared course. I am grateful for all I learned and how it is impacting me and my students.

  8. 5 out of 5

    A wonderful course. I am so grateful that I was able to participate.

    If you are looking for a course that incorporates spirituality and mental development beyond asanas in yoga, this is the place for you. You will be introduced to the teachings of Ananda Yoga in a very warm and professional way.

    After 15 years of yoga experience, I can now say that I have arrived and found exactly what touches me deeply and supports me on my path.
    It is an honor for me now to be able to pass on these teachings.

    The course is very intensive and time consuming and resembles a college. But don’t worry, it is very doable and you will get all the support you need.

    All teachers live the teachings and this is very much felt in their being. You see their joy, vitality and professionalism that are contagious :-)

    You get very detailed feedback on your assignments. For me personally, I have never received such detailed feedback on an assignment in my entire life, which I highly appreciate. The feedback was very helpful and I was able to work with it very well.

    I felt that the whole team of the course cared so much about sharing everything that the students needed to deepen the teachings and also to progress personally.

    You still have access to all the online materials for several months and can even attend more weekends from the Level 1 Teacher Training. This is great.

    5 stars and I look forward to the advanced courses.

    With much gratitude for a fulfilling and very educational time.


  9. 5 out of 5

    I am very thankful, that I have found this course. I gained all the knowledge that I need to confidently teach Yoga and I absolutely love the Ananda-Way of teaching it.
    The Teachers are super nice and very skilled. The atmosphere was uplifting and great, and I really enjoyed being in the group. Although the course was Online, it almost felt I was there in person. I already started teaching a small group of friends, and they also love Ananda Yoga. I always wanted to learn yoga, not just to have a healthy body, but also to grow spiritually. Here I learned how to use Yoga for my spiritual growth.

    I thank everybody from Ananda Yoga for the great service and the wonderful knowledge they share.

    Kind Regards

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