Living the Wisdom of Paramhansa Yogananda

True happiness is never to be found outside the Self.
Those who seek it there are as if chasing rainbows among the clouds!
Paramhansa Yogananda, How to Be Happy All the Time

Join Truth Seekers and Friends from Around the World for Spiritual Renewal Week

Experience this extraordinary week of inspiration, spiritual upliftment, and joy! You will be inspired to dive deeper on your path and your heart will sing with the revelations of hearing eternal soul truths. Many people come annually for this wonderful week of spiritual inspiration.

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Online Access

  • Join daily online meditations with people from around the world
  • Inspirational talks with Jyotish, Devi, and other Ananda speakers
  • A devotional Kirtan, and Concert of Swami Kriyananda’s “Philosophy in Song”
  • An interactive Question and Answer session with Jyotish and Devi
  • Lifetime access to all the recordings

In Person

All the online benefits plus:
  • Morning meditations and Ananda Yoga™ sadhanas
  • Afternoon classes on various aspects of Yogananda’s teachings
  • Delicious vegetarian food, every day with 3 meals
  • Tours of Crystal Hermitage, Ananda Village, and Ananda Meditation Retreat
  • Meditations in Ananda temples and Swami Kriyananda’s Moksha Mandir
  • Seva Yoga opportunities, hiking and walking trails.
  • In person dates are: Sunday June 25 – Sunday July 2, 2023
This year I watched SRW online and it in no way diminished the power and impact of the week. All the speakers had relevant and inspiring messages, as we were invited to Uplift Ourselves to Uplift the World!

Exploring the Wisdom of Paramhansa Yogananda

    Ananda’s Spiritual Directors, Nayaswami Jyotish and Nayaswami Devi, will give the keynote talk on the different aspects of God, with a special emphasis on wisdom. They, and all the teachers throughout the week, will draw from several books of the popular Wisdom of Yogananda series:

    Free Audio Book included with your registration— Touch of Divine Wisdom

    NEW BOOK! Touch of Divine Wisdom

    Congratulations, Nayaswami Jyotish and Nayaswami Devi!

    Spiritual Renewal Week will launch the latest book by the Ananda Spiritual Directors, the newly published Touch of Divine Wisdom. Renowned teachers, ministers, and writers, they have written over 500 inspiring weekly blogs, each one filled with interesting stories, spiritual advice, and practical application of yogic truths.

    There will be 2 book signing sessions and a special book purchase price during the week.

    The feeling of openness and the welcoming nature of the Ananda environment and people made my experience so beautiful! I felt great love and support from all of the staff and community members.

    Retreat Events:

    Daily Meditations

    Both in-person (Temple of Light) and online options: 6:30–8:00am PDT

    Morning Classes

    With Nayaswami Jyotish, Nayaswami Devi, and other Ananda speakers: 10:30–12:30pm PDT


    Offered by the Ananda World Brotherhood Choir, sharing Swami Kriyananda’s “Philosophy in Song”: 7:45–9:00pm PDT

    Devotional Kirtan​

    Awaken your hearts natural love with spiritual chanting: 7:45–9:00pm PDT​

    Nayaswamis Jyotish and Devi

    Special Evening Events​

    Questions and Answers with Jyotish and Devi. Indian Banquet with evening entertainment.

    kriya-yoga-meditation mala-altar kriya-yoga-meditation mala-altar

    Kriya Yoga Ceremony​

    By pre-approval only — Contact:

    Experience the power of Spiritual Renewal Week

    June 26 – July 1, 2023