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Essence of Self-Realization The Essence of Self-Realization contains nearly 300 sayings of Paramhansa Yogananda. It offers a complete explanation of life’s true purpose and the way to achieve that purpose. In this years How to Live Series, Ananda Spiritual Directors Nayaswamis Jyotish and Devi and other guest speakers, will discuss in depth each of these sayings and share ways we can apply them to our daily life.

Included in series:

  • Becoming a Successful “Spiritual Scientist”
  • Using Mind Power to Scientifically Enlighten the Soul
  • Why Inner Peace is Better than Material Riches
  • Why Nothing Material Satisfies Us for Very Long
  • What is the Result of a Life of Materialism
  • The Limitations of Human Consciousness vs. the Vastness of Spirit
  • Why Did God Give Us Intelligence?
  • Understanding Your Glorious Spiritual Destiny
  • How Not to Live a Dull, Uninteresting, or Shallow Life
  • How Nightly Dreams Teach Us About the True Nature of the Universe
  • Why and How to See True Reality Beyond the Cosmic Motion Picture
  • All That Exists Is a Manifestation of God’s Consciousness
  • Understanding the World as Cosmic Vibrations, Maya, and AUM
  • What Is the Soul in Relation to God? The Wave and the Ocean
  • The True Source of Power in Everything
  • What Is the Ego and How Do We Deal with It?
  • The Perfect Definition of Self-Realization
  • Why Are There So Many Different Religions?
  • Why Belief Should Not Be the Basis of Religion
  • Who Are the True Custodians of Religion?
  • Finding the Truth Which Will Set You Free
  • The Essence of Yogananda’s Special Mission on Earth
  • Where Does Life Come From and Where Is It Heading?
  • Defining the Fundamental Instinct of Life
  • Living in Harmony with Objective Nature and Our Own Inner Natures
  • If God Loves Us, Why Do We Suffer?
  • How Self -Expansion Is the Antidote for All Suffering
  • Uncovering False Definitions of Sin and Sinners
  • How to Rectify the Errors that Create Our Ignorance
  • How Indulging in Sense Pleasures Creates Unhappiness
  • Never Dwell On Your Faults; Instead Love God!
  • Beholding the Unchanging Beauty of Your Own Divine Nature
  • Understanding the Law of Karma
  • How the Power of Will Shapes One’s Destiny
  • How Group Karma Affects Us
  • Why Life Seems Harmful to Certain People and Beneficial to Others
  • Harmoniously Adapting Your Actions to the Law of Karma
  • What Causes Reincarnation and How to Avoid It
  • How Reincarnation Explains All of Life’s Seeming Unfairness and Imbalances
  • Must Every Desire We Have Be Fulfilled on Earth?
  • What Is the Astral World and How Long Do We Stay There After Death?
  • How Souls Are Reborn On Earth
  • Why the Interactions of Cause and Effect (Karma) Are Not Endless
  • If Karma Is Action, Should We Stop Doing Anything?
  • Nishkam Karma; An Excellent Way to Overcome Karma
  • What Is a Jivan Mukta and How We Can Become One
  • How to Create a Strong Aura and Protect Yourself from Bad Karma
  • The Guru is the Greatest of All Aids to Working Out Karma
  • What Is Grace and How Can We Receive More of It?
  • Why Both Grace and Self-Effort Are Equally Needed
  • The Difference Between Faith and Belief
  • Attaining Divine Grace: The Right Spirit, the Right Place, and the Right Way
  • What Is Yoga on Its Deepest Level
  • Understanding the Different Kinds of Yoga
  • The Importance of Adding Devotion to Yoga Practice
  • The Importance of Concentration Techniques for Yoga Meditation
  • Can You Attain Self-Realization Without Yoga Practice?
  • Main Presenters

    Nayaswamis Jyotish and DeviNayaswamis Jyotish and Devi are the Spiritual Directors of Ananda Worldwide. They each bring over 40 years of meditation and devoted spiritual practice, as well as in-depth study of Yogananda’s teachings. Their clear, centered energy and insight combine with a delightful sense of fun and great kindness. You will feel as though they are old friends you’ve just met!

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