4-Part Experiential Webinar Series Wednesdays Aug 14, 21, 28, & Sept. 4 From 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm Pacific Time
How can we experience nature through a webinar, when we are sitting at our computers?

All you need is a touch of nature. Not everyone has the time to spend in beautiful natural areas. Studies have shown that just looking out a window or even seeing beautiful nature scenery on a screen has calming and healing benefits. In this course you will learn a variety of simple and creative activities you can use, even while sitting at your desk, to internalize your experience of nature.

Choose an easily accessible outside area with a strong internet connection. Maybe this is a porch or back yard just outside of your house. If you have neither, then you could simply sit next to a window. And through the world-renowned nature activities of Joseph Bharat Cornell, learn ways to experience the power of nature and of your own spiritual Self.

Free Introductory Webinar Recorded July 31, 2019:

Bonus Material

The Sky and Earth Touched Me Online Course

Bonus: 30% off the multi-award winning book, “The Sky and Earth Touched Me” by Joseph Bharat Cornell

Bonus: 5 PDF Nature Awareness Exercises to practice by yourself and with others

About this Webinar Series

In Nature let your worries “fall away like autumn leaves.” (John Muir)

A calm mountain lake…a warm summer breeze…a hint of roses wafting in the air… all of these images invoke a sense of inner peace, freedom from worries and sweetness, divine qualities that we all need more of in our lives and in our world.

Through simple nature awareness activities –all based on yogic principles –we can learn how to make nature’s peace not just a random occurrence, but a constant and dynamic presence in our lives.

Spiritualized Nature Awareness Activities

“Contemplate beauty in the world around you, and you yourself will become beautiful.” –Swami Kriyananda

Even if we are in beautiful natural areas, nature can “vanish” if our attention is not focused on the present moment. Yogic inspired nature awareness activities provide us with fun and creative ways of receiving all that mother nature has to offer us:

  • Simple nature awareness exercises to playfully focus our wandering minds
  • Creative writing exercises to help us experience life with an imaginative and childlike spirit
  • Guided visualizations to calm our bodies and relax our minds
  • Stunning nature photos and videos to lift our spirits
  • Inspiring stories of nature saints…to show us the potential of what we can achieve once we totally immerse ourselves in nature’s healing presence

Meet the Instructor

Sundara (Greg) Traymar  is the International Director of Sharing Nature Worldwide and has been personally trained by Joseph Cornell. Greg is a gifted and inspiring teacher and wins friends wherever he travels. He has led the nature awareness classes in many parts of the United States, as well as Argentina, Australia, Canada, China, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Romania, South Korea, Slovenia, Sweden, and Thailand.  At Ananda Village, Sundara serves at the Crystal Hermitage Gardens, the spiritual heart of Ananda Village, which showcases over 17,000 Tulips every spring.

1 review for Nature Awareness for Deepening Your Spiritual Life

  1. 5 out of 5

    I found this online class a connection to Ananda, as well as to Swami Yogananda and the Masters, in addition to nature awareness. I loved hearing Sundara speak of his life in Ananda, which gave me that experience by extension. I appreciated all four of the sessions and found exercises that I will work with to make them a part of myself. I felt that Sundara did an outstanding job helping us to understand how we are in Oneness with nature. I loved the quotes about nature. I loved the ending “Birds of the Air” song. How would it have been if the online participants sang along with Sundara leading the song and we all sent love as we sing the song together? Sundara brings the peace, compassion, and love as qualities into his presentations. As a viewer, I felt the vibrations that he shared were as important as the subject matter. I highly recommend “Nature Awareness ofr Deepening Your Spiritual Life”.

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