Experience the Beauty of the Gardens


19,000 Tulips To Bloom This Year!

Every year a group of Ananda volunteers plant over 19,000 tulip bulbs, forget-me-nots, and other flowers, creating a magnificent display —tiers of tulips inter-planted with alyssum and pansies—overlooking the Yuba River canyon. Flowering cherry trees, dogwoods, and peonies in bloom add to the gala’s natural beauty.

Now, we’ve added retreats allowing you to stay for a few days and experience more of the deep healing powers of nature.

It’s an incredible experience you can’t miss.

Weekend Retreat

Stay with us, and bask in the peaceful vibrations
A Magical Tulip Experience
Apr 19 - 21
Apr 26 - 28

Inspiring program with experienced hosts and long-time gardeners: experiential nature activities and introspective exercises, discussions, a delicious vegetarian dinner at the elegant Crystal Hermitage, and you will return home with a new lease on life.

Ongoing Programs

Come and stay with us any day of the month during the season
Personal Retreat PLUS

Springtime at Ananda is the perfect time to unplug from busy-ness and recharge your inner life. During the entire month of April, experience the magic of a Personal Retreat.

Enjoy our usual offerings plus:

  • Free entrance ticket to Springtime at Ananda, at the Crystal Hermitage
  • If staying 3 nights or more, a season pass to Springtime at Ananda
  • 10% discount at the Shrine of the Masters boutique
  • Free Crystal Hermitage book, The Spirit of Gardening by Nancy Mair, Crystal Hermitage Master Gardener
Karma Yoga Ashram

This program provides a supportive environment to help you widen your horizons, find unexpected answers to life’s challenges, and discover spiritual qualities within yourself that you didn’t know existed. Stay for 2 weeks to 3 months.

  • Free seasonal pass to Springtime at Ananda during the month of April.
  • Twice daily sadhanas (Energization Exercises, Yoga Postures, Meditation) 
  • Yoga philosophy classes 
  • Find joy through serving others (10-11 shifts per week)
  • Experience spiritual living at Ananda Village and connect with community members.

Daily Offerings

Vegetarian Lunch
12:30 pm

Enjoy a delicious vegetarian meal at our Retreat Center. Vegan and GF options are available.

Garden Ticket
9:00 - 5:00 pm

Get a one-time ticket to come visit the gardens!

Meditation Class
1:30 pm

Learn meditation techniques to help you stay centered and live a happy life. As taught by Paramhansa Yogananda

Yoga Class + Dinner
4:30 pm

Experience a full Ananda Yoga Sadhana (Energization Exercises + Asanas + Meditation), followed by a delicious vegetarian dinner.


The peace and joy was just the food this soul needed! Beauty was all around. The staff looked to my every request. Nature gave me both rain and sunlight. I have been coming over many years. This is where to nurture oneself and enjoy the caring that other guests give. Ending each day with meditation practice is a gift given freely.


A wonderful experience reconnecting with nature, and finding harmony and peace within. The grounds are beautiful and the tulips and other landscaping at the Crystal Hermitage Garden are stunning. I was able to re-start my meditation practice. The staff are kind, knowledgeable and caring. The accommodations excellent. I stayed for 4 nights but would love to have stayed longer. I'll be back for sure!


The timing couldn't have been any better to see the beautiful tulips in the Crystal Hermitage Gardens. I felt so alive, replenished and invigorated by the entire retreat. The staff were so sincerely grounded to what they do, kind, respectful and friendly and the entire process was efficiently ran. We did energizing yoga, meditation, a walk to the tulip gardens, a breakfast at the Hermitage Garden. Exceeded my expectation that I long for more and for sure will be back soon.

Karry F

This is a beautiful place. The gardens are lovely. There is so much peace and beauty here. We visited the gardens twice during the tulip bloom. We had a wonderful vegetarian lunch. I would highly recommend a visit. We are definitely going to make this a regular place to visit.

Pranav G

It was a great experience staying at Expanding light retreat. My daughter who is 9 years old loved it, we attended the family retreat and saw the tulip festival at the crystal hermitage.

Laura S

The tulip weekend was a relaxing, uplifting and inspiring getaway.    
It is for people who want to learn about meditation,
positive self- affirmations, and calmness.   The instructors are
Inspired people who have devoted their lives to this path.  
I would like to return next year.