Every year millions of people seek information and training from Ananda in the practices of meditation and Kriya Yoga. Paramhansa Yogananda declared Kriya to be the most effective meditation technique available to mankind. Countless lives have been transformed through the practice of this exalted technique, as well as the other meditation practices as taught by Yogananda.

Ananda’s Outreach Ministries are dedicated to sharing these practical teachings through direct contact, free inspiration, classes, retreats, and community, in support of individuals on their journey of Self-discovery.

Every day we receive messages of gratitude for all that Ananda offers—this appreciation extends to the teachers, ministers, and friends who serve as living examples of the power of meditation. The testimonials we share with you today attest to this truth: “Meditation changed my life!”

Every gift offered to Ananda ripples out to bless these seekers and awaken higher consciousness at this historic time for mankind.
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“I have often wondered where I would be without the teachings of Yogananda. The answer is: nowhere—the proverbial ship without a rudder! Meditation has helped me to navigate the oft-bewildering waters of a changing world with calm feeling and an inner centeredness. It has helped me to know joy based not on outward circumstances, but on inner communion with the Divine.
Through Ananda I am able to keep my spiritual practice fresh by meditating with others, attending classes, and listening to talks by Kriyananda and others of high wisdom. For me it has been a lifeline, ever helping me to stay on course when circumstances seem discouraging. I don’t compare myself with others (or try not to anyway), but I do compare myself with the person I was before I started meditating—and there is no comparison. Simply put, I am a much happier person now, and very grateful for Ananda and all who serve there.”
B.A., Pennsylvania

Ananda’s Outreach Flows Expansively on the Wings of Technology

Sharing Yogananda’s teachings means making them accessible to anyone — anywhere and at any time.

This year, we:

  • Had 2.1 million visits to Ananda websites
  • Taught 20,938 new people how to meditate
  • Had 2,267,719 video views on YouTube
  • Had 1,193,654 engagements on Facebook
  • Reached 40,985 Ananda Meditation App downloads
  • Supported over 5,012 Kriyabans from 27 countries

Ongoing Personal Contact and Support

The essence of Ananda remains-sharing wisdom, the teachings, the music, the laughter, but most of all friendship. Love and friendship are the core of Ananda.

  • Online classes
  • Ananda communities
  • Virtual Community
  • Meditation groups
  • Workshops lead by ministers and teachers
  • Individual counseling
  • Retreats

“Meditation and the spiritual community that Ananda offers has helped me find a sense of deep peace in my heart. I have learned to connect with a higher consciousness within myself and then see and feel that in the world around me. It has helped me feel whole and complete in mySelf and with that being more at Harmony with the world around me.
I support Ananda because Ananda was the channel that helped me see the light in a very challenging time of my life and helped me see myself in that light, to grow stronger, wiser and more loving. I also support Ananda because ultimately everything is energy, and whatever we focus on, whatever we give out is what we become.”
J.K., Sweden

Deepening Your Spiritual Life

Enrich and deepen your spiritual life with Ananda’s many offerings.

  • Learn about the advanced meditation technique, Kriya Yoga
  • Extensive online courses
  • Ananda’s Karma Yoga ashram programs
  • Learn about discipleship
  • Spiritual counseling
  • Online Meditation and Yoga Teacher Trainings and certifications

“Meditation has changed my life, especially the meditation I have practiced after delving deeply into the teachings of Yogananda. In addition, in particular after being led to Ananda, I have come closer to God and feel blessed with a framework for understanding the fruits of meditation that I increasingly experience.
I support Ananda because I see what it has done for me. Upon finding Ananda, I immediately detected a creative aliveness in its teachings that is quite refreshing and magnetizing. I have observed how easy it can be to institutionalize and fossilize spiritual and religious teachings. And yet, every seeker at Ananda is encouraged to be her or himself. And therefore, the teachings will remain ever fresh and new through all of us as living channels of divine energy and joy. Who wouldn’t support that?”
R.P., Florida

Tools to Rise and Meet These Opportunities With Courage and Hope

Living a balanced and happy life means acquiring a wealth of tools for any challenge life has to offer.

  • Healing prayers
  • Spiritual Counseling certification
  • Meditation techniques
  • Affirmations
  • Energization Exercises
  • Meditation app
  • Daily online group meditation 

“I started ‘How to Meditate,’ at a time where my health was deteriorating and I had lost the zest for life. I found the movie Finding Happiness online. Watching this movie, taking your programs online, and reading Autobiography of a Yogi, helped me to bring back my inner Joy, and the desire to live. Thank you.” Desire Olivero, Spain

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