Dear friend,

After taking the Ananda Course in Meditation, Rosemary said it gave her, “a beginning road map for living a spirit-filled life.

Every year Ananda introduces thousands of people around the world to the life-changing teachings and techniques of Paramhansa Yogananda and Swami Kriyananda.

Ananda’s Outreach Ministries open many different doors for those who are seeking inspiration, connection and support on the spiritual path. In addition to videos, classes, retreats, and events, both in person and online, people find a community to support their journey. “I am no longer alone, and I know what I am seeking,” one visitor said after finding Ananda.

By giving people the tools to put inspiration into action, Ananda brings the teachings of Self-realization to life. A participant in one of our programs shared, “I can face life with so much more confidence knowing I have the tools to find solutions and help others.

In these turbulent times, Ananda’s outreach holds open the door to truth seekers around the world. After a five-day retreat, Shauna shared, “I feel like I’ve finally caught a glimpse of the light inside of me—a light I’ve been chasing all of my life.” 

That is what Ananda offers—that spark of inspiration that leads people back to the happiness within themselves. Join us in sharing the light of Yogananda. Make your gift today!

In Divine friendship and gratitude,

Erin Vinacco
on behalf of Ananda’s Outreach Ministries

Ananda reaches people in 105 countries around the world!

Two Sides of the Same Spiritual Coin

A husband and wife find Ananda together

“Nan and I discovered Yogananda relatively late in life. Ultimately, it was the Ananda’s Outreach Ministry, with the Ananda Course in Meditation, that found us. Each course has led us on an ever deepening inward journey, while infusing our everyday lives with greater joy and Presence.” -Neil

“I first connected with Master through the Autobiography of a Yogi. It took many years and various paths to find Ananda –  an actual place, filled with actual people, living the principles of this great Master. The direct outreach to us here on the East Coast has been life changing.  We have a wonderful group that meets weekly and we are involved in classes, webinars and meditations that are offered daily through Ananda Online.  We are also members of the Virtual Community which keeps us in touch with so many like-minded and supportive souls. Thanks to Ananda’s outreach we are connected at any time with this worldwide force of love and change for our world. It has transformed our lives.” -Nan

A Common Goal of Unity

We recently met in Delhi with Eric Garcetti, the new American Ambassador to India. In speaking with him, we saw that we share a common goal: uniting East and West, be it through diplomacy or spiritual upliftment. 

Paramhansa Yogananda taught that permanent changes grow only in the soil of uplifted consciousness. Join us in our commitment to reach people everywhere with Master’s ray of light, unity, and hope. 

In divine friendship,
Nayaswami Jyotish and Nayaswami Devi 

With your support, Ananda's Outreach Ministries touch many lives around the world!