A Letter from Mai Lee, Director of Fundrasing for Ananda Worldwide

What a year! Throughout his years of public teaching, Paramhansa Yogananda predicted that mankind would face unprecedented personal and world challenges. Never before have we been given so much incentive to reflect, overcome, adapt, and grow spiritually.
Thankfully, Yogananda also armed us with simple practical tools to rise and meet these opportunities with courage and hope.

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Ananda’s Outreach Flows Expansively on the Wings of Technology

Sharing Yogananda’s teachings means making them accessible to anyone — anywhere and at any time.

This year, we:

  • Had 2.1 million visits to ananda websites
  • Taught 20,938 new people how to meditate
  • Had 2,267,719 video views on YouTube
  • Had 1,193,654 Engagements on Facebook
  • Reached 40,985 Ananda Meditation app downloads
  • Supported over 5,012 Kriyabans from 27 countries

Join us in this expansive phase of tremendous growth as we share Paramhansa Yogananda’s teachings with the world. Your gift to the 2020 Worldwide Appeal is a true blessing to humanity.

Ongoing Personal Contact and Support

The essence of Ananda remains-sharing wisdom, the teachings, the music, the laughter, but most of all friendship. Love and friendship are the core of Ananda.

  • Online classes
  • Ananda Communities
  • Virtual Community
  • Meditation Groups
  • Workshops lead by ministers and teachers
  • Individual counseling
  • Retreats

Ananda virtual courses are a cut above anything else I have found online, including corporate training programs! The combination of spiritual approach, wisdom of the gurus, science, pragmatism, and humor, make the course a truly joyful learning experience. In this virtual course, nothing is lost compared to an in-person class; interactions with fellow students and instructors are regular events, and you will leave the class with new friends and mentors hopefully for life!

James Tatham

New and Improved Meditation App

Ananda has a wealth of inspirational offerings to support and uplift you in your meditation practice.

  • Over 100 guided meditations and techniques to inspire your practice
  • Create your own custom meditations for the time you have available, and add chants, periods of silence, affirmations, and more
  • Use a timer to concentrate on your breath, not the length of the meditation
  • Set reminders to establish or strengthen your daily meditation routine
  • And much more

I’ve used a number of meditation Apps over the years, this is my favorite. It’s much more than a tool for mediation, it’s like a virtual community that connects you with a variety of useful tools to connect you to the larger Ananda tradition.

James Tatham

Deepening Your Spiritual Life

Enrich and deepen your spiritual life with Ananda’s many offerings.

  • Learn about the advanced meditation technique, Kriya Yoga
  • Extensive online courses
  • Ananda’s Karma Yoga Ashram Programs
  • Learn about discipleship
  • Spiritual counseling
  • Online Meditation and Yoga Teacher trainings and certifications

I just wanted to say how grateful I am to be a part of this great journey. It’s wonderful to see so many of you all on the same journey as I am. No matter where we are in the world, we are all going to the same great light of God with the help of a Master. I signed up for this course to learn Kriya, but realized it’s so much more than a technique, it’s a way of life. The depth and good habits built here will stay with me for the rest of this incarnation. J.W., Wisconsin

Tools to Rise and Meet These Opportunities with Courage and Hope

Living a balanced and happy life means acquiring a wealth of tools for any challenge life has to offer.

  • Healing prayers
  • Spiritual counseling certification
  • Meditation techniques
  • Affirmations
  • Energization exercises
  • Meditation app
  • Daily online group meditation 

“I started How to Meditate, at a time where my health was deteriorating, and I had lost the zest for life. I found the movie Finding Happiness Online. Watching this movie, taking your programs online, and reading Autobiography of a Yogi, helped me to bring back my inner Joy, and the desire to live. Thank you.” Desire Olivero, Spain

The essence of Ananda remains-sharing wisdom, the teachings, the music, the laughter, but most of all friendship. Love and friendship are the core of Ananda. Together, let us continue to fill the world with God's light. Your gift will help raise $252,000 still needed for Ananda WorldwideOutreach Ministries in 2020.