Our karma affects the relationship between our spiritual growth and the state of our material abundance or success. However, some spiritually advanced people live in poverty; others, in abundance, so neither is necessarily a sign of spiritual advancement. To learn more about achieving prosperity, you can take our online course Success and Happiness Through Yoga Principles.

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Cultivating True Prosperity

In today’s western culture, there are so many teachings about how to use spirituality to become materially wealthy. One cannot deny that man has basic needs: food, health, shelter, etc. However, it seems that many, at least occasionally, define their needs according to their desires. Would having enough money to fulfill all our desires really be the great boon that … Read More

Opening to Divine Abundance

This e-booklet, Opening to Divine Abundance (below) has helped many people who applied these principles with vigor and attention. Print it out and use it as a daily workbook if you are facing financial challenges or unemployment. Watch this first, as an overview… This affirmation, below, is also very helpful: A Healing Prayer Affirmation by Paramhansa Yogananda Focus deeply at the … Read More


Internal vs. External Abundance

Nayaswami Hriman

Question from mary: Our abundance externally seems to be linked to our realization of our Divine abundance internally. How does Karma interface with this? Also I think that the more I love God the less I need to ask others for wisdom. And the more I realize that my “truth” is not the truth others may perceive for me. Thank you for responding. … Read More


The Universal mind is perfect, it knows no lack. To reach that never-failing supply, you must create a consciousness of abundance — even if you do not know where your next dollar will come from. When you refuse to be apprehensive, and do your part and rely on God to do His, you will find that mysterious forces will come … Read More

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The Airplane Route to Success and Prosperity

By starting from within, you can acquire the experience of many years within a short time. The first step is to increase the receptivity of your intuition.

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Renunciation, Poverty Consciousness, and True Prosperity

Our 2012 adventure continues at home, as my wife has begun her online schooling to become a certified health coach (yes, we’re still juicing once a day and feeling great), and I move forward with manifesting new directions for music, consciousness, and inspiration, while keeping up the Ananda Music responsibilities. This is definitely uncharted territory for us both, and has … Read More

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“Find abundance in me, not in your bank account.”

Finances are tough for everyone, especially now and usually the thought is “We must save and pinch our pennies!” Now this isn’t a bad thing, in fact we should be smart with our money, but with everything on the spiritual path, the question should be, “Am I being more contractive or more expansive?” Even though we might have to create … Read More

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Make Contentment Your Criterion of Prosperity

Dear Friend, Swami Kriyananda writes in his book, Living Wisely, Living Well: Make contentment your criterion of prosperity. Wealth is primarily the consciousness of abundance. And poverty is the consciousness of lack. You can be rich though dressed in a loincloth and living under a tree, and poor though residing in a proud mansion, served by bustling servants, surrounded by … Read More