The Importance of Ananda

For the current age, it’s communities like Ananda that are laying the groundwork for the future.

The Example of Swami Kriyananda

Divine friendship is one of the most important things that Swami Kriyananda has expressed in his life, and also modeled for us spiritually. He relates mainly to the Divinity within us. That’s why it’s called “divine friendship.”

We Can Change the World

In difficult times such as we’re living in today, God will give you very special blessings if you are willing to act as channels for His love.

Warriors for the New Age

When I was first here in India over forty years ago, I had an intense desire to make Yogananda and his mission known, because I saw that books about the great saints of modern India left him out entirely.

Ananda in India!

On Friday, November 28, 2003, the new Ananda ashram was officially opened with a Vedic ceremony led by Swami Kriyananda.