Yogananda and Kriyananda both speak of angels. They primarily dwell in the Astral Worlds, but are able to help us out here on Earth. They are messengers of God and are spoken of in the Jewish-Christian Bible many times.

They are special creations and representatives of God, but they are not our departed loved ones — they are on a different evolutionary track from human beings.


Who is responsible for suffering and evil?

Nayaswami Hriman

Question from David: If God is the doer, then the non-fundamental person has no free will and is not responsible for anything that happens. A murderer is not guilty: God was the doer. God is playing chess with himself, what is the point in that ? The doer, God, tortures and the victim, again God, suffers, or rather the character suffers pain and…


Can Angels Be My Guru?

Mary Kretzmann

Question from Daniel: Can angels play the role of someone’s guru ?