Anger is a result of unfulfilled desires. When you feel anger, try to take a number of regular, deep breaths. As you inhale, feel that you are breathing in peace. As you exhale breath out anger.

Keep a mental diary. Daily watch your actions and at night take a few moments to review the day to see how you did and how you can do better.

Learn to control feeling first in slightly disagreeable or agreeable situations and then apply this to more disagreeable situations.

Pray to God that He take your anger. Willingly give it to him. You have to let go of it. On a daily basis this means to not identify with it, to not define yourself as an angry person, rather one who is practicing kindness and patience and respect for other’s realities.


Overcoming Anger

Nayaswami Maria

Question from kesava: I am trying to be always receptive to divine mother’s grace but some unwanted desires such as anger greed desire ego are making me to shut her guiding light but I tried to get rid of that but I can’t im struggling pls help me


To Overcome Anger, Use Affirmations

Nayaswami Hriman

Question from Helaine: How can I meditate and overcome my own injustice? If I want something and I don’t get it immediately, I tend to behave like a child, indignant and aggressive. Me being upset or even angry turns my husband into an aggressive mood and, the more we speak, the more he becomes stubborn. I hate to see him like this and…

A Spouse’s Anger

Question from Laura: Sometimes when I argue with my husband he will become furious and break things in the house. Often he will often he will hurt himself in these circumstances too such as punching walls, this only ever happens when he feels he is entirely to blame (regardless of what he truth might be). How can I support him through this? How…


Is Anger Always Caused by Desire?

Nayaswami Premdas

Question from s, India: Hi..I just read the article on anger by Nayaswami Jaya in which he says our frustrated desires are the causes of our anger.Master also said so.While desires is one of the causes,Idon’t think giving up desires can totally cure us of our anger.What about cases in which a loved one is murdered,or a husband leaves a wife and kids 10…


How to Relieve Frustration and Anger

Joseph (Puru) Selbie

Question from Jeri: Greeetings, I work in a large bureaucracy with a nasty supervisor who tortures and harasseds me everyday. Many times I was so distressed I wanted to go to an empty office and say “F… you, go to hell”, in order to releive the resentment and suffering of my soul. Is it OK to do this? Usually I just swallow it…


Dissolve Anger by Finding Inner Peace in Meditation

Nayaswami Anandi

Question from Rekha: My father in law repeatedly talks about similar topics.Since I cannot tell him to change the topic I am listening to the same conversations since past 8 years.Am tired and agitated with this.These days I am getting furious for hours and it is affecting my relation with my spouse.He understands and gives me time but I end up feeling guilty…


Getting rid of anger

Nayaswami Anandi

Question from Maia: I have an anger problem- passive anger that is beneath the surface. I have recently gotten out of a very difficult situation that lasted for many years of my life. I am enrolled in Lessons in Mediation. I read the daily inspiration to day about anger from Swami Kriyananda, how appropo — when I just reached in the darkness to…

Dealing with Anger

Question from rakesh: despite i know anger is harmfull but it comes with such huge force that i fail to overcome,pl suggest way to solve problem


Overcoming anger

Nayaswami Anandi

Question from Susan: Please help me overcome my anger. I had only just begun my spiritual path when my husband and I found out that his brother had taken all of the benefits of the inheritance that the father had left for his 3 sons. Leaving us with huge financial hardship. His brother is very active in the christian church and feels he’s…