Calmness gives the devotee power to overcome all the obstacles in his life. Even in human affairs, the person who can remain calm under all circumstances is invincible.

Calmness is one of the eight manifestations of God that one can experience in meditation. Peace is also an aspect of God, but there is a difference between Peace and Calmness.

To learn more about how to achieve calmness, read How to Have Courage, Calmness, and Confidence by Paramhansa Yogananda


How to Remain Calm When People Challenge You

Nayaswami Diksha

Question from Tanzing: Hello. What makes a person very emotional, attached, sensitive? How to overcome being very sensitive. How to deal with people who are rude in tone or insensitive to you…at times I just get hurt and don’t know how to respond. What is life teaching me through this? Regards, Tanzing

Calm in the Midst of Crashing Worlds

Question from Arati: With all the violence and terrorism in the world lately, how can one remain calm and not live in constant fear and anxiety?

Centering During the Highs and the Lows

Question from Nimma: Meditation leaves me wonderfully lighthearted but some times during the day I also feel angry thoughts. I am diabetic and this usually happens during high sugar times. Negativity charges like a bull at me. Please advise. Regards


Sublimation of Sexual Desires

Nayaswami Hriman

Question from G: Hello, I want to know how to completely sublimate sexual desires which greatly impede the ability to concentrate and perform sadhana?


How to define “deep” in meditation

Nayaswami Hriman

Question from Ravichandran Iyer: Sir, all of you advise that one should meditate very deeply.Can you please explain the word deeply. Thanks in advance.