The term “Christ” is a title that refers the state of consciousness achieved by Jesus and many other advanced souls throughout history. You may also hear disciples of Paramhansa Yogananda referring to “Christ consciousness”, or to the “Christ center”, which is the point between the eyebrows. When we raise our consciousness or energy to this point, we are able to achieve the consciousness of Christ.

To learn more about Paramhansa Yogananda’s teachings on Christianity read Revelations of Christ and Promise of Immortality by Swami Kriyananda.

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When the Miracle Is Withheld

Although healings and miracles are certainly wonderful, and are indeed signs of God’s presence, His withholding of such gifts does not mean His love is not there. As Paramhansa Yogananda taught, “Sometimes God works through misdiagnosis, when it is your time.”

Jesus Appears After Easter

Jesus appeared many times in the 40 days after Easter. The stories are inspired by Paramhansa Yogananda, the visions of Therese Neumann, the Gospels, and the Acts of the Apostles. These stories are also included in Stories of Christ for the Season of Easter, by Timothy and Mary Kretzmann. I have included them here as a separate booklet for your convenience. If … Read More

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Prayers for a War-Torn Area

by Mary Kretzmann During our weekly healing prayer nights, I regularly end the sessions with a general prayer for planetary healing. Using Paramhansa Yogananda’s longer and deeper Technique for Healing at a Distance, I guide the group to visualize the earth floating in space between their hands. We concentrate on a particular nation or continent, send healing light through our … Read More

“Jesus Prayer” Meditation

The Jesus Prayer Meditation is a wonderful spiritual tool to deepen your inner communion with Jesus Christ, and with the Infinite. This meditation is a variation of the Hong-Sau technique.  Swami Kriyananda taught this Jesus Prayer Meditation to a Catholic priest.   The “Jesus Prayer” Meditation by Mary Kretzmann, Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry Years ago, I was reading a small … Read More


Aquí encontrará muchos artículos de Paramhansa Yogananda y Mary Kretzmann, directora del departamento de Sanación de Ananda Sangha en el Mundo. [scribd id=25403396 key=key-2d9kt4ds8ez12dqx9i0a mode=scroll]

Story of Saint Valentine

Jewels of stream and house The thing that Valentine remembered even from his earliest memories was the house. It was perfect. Set in a series of gardens and vineyards, each more beautiful than the last, strung together along a stream that meandered through the place. At one point providing a large pool where luminous fish swam lazily in the shadows, … Read More

5-Day “Advent” for Yogananda’s Birthday, January 5

We used to do this with our children every year while they were young. I felt a deep joy every evening, seemingly disproportionate to the time and effort this simple ceremony took.  I felt the Gurus’ blessing encouraging me, “Yes –Please do this.” So, in this spirit, I share it, so that others can also share in this spiritual family … Read More

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Spiritual Interpretation of the Lord’s Prayer

Paramhansa Yogananda wrote extensively on the deeper meaning of Christ’s words, to help bring a return to true Inner Communion with God and Christ. This document may take a moment to load… [scribd id=15906252 key=key-l3rd9c1vtaq6xzmvixx mode=scroll]

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Finding God in Your Family

Over the years, many friends and acquaintances have asked me to write down my ideas regarding children, especially in terms of helping them to open up to their own spiritual nature, but also in the more practical areas of life. This free e-book’s chapters provide special insights about raising teens and a special bonus section. Table of Contents Introduction Chapter … Read More