Keeping in Touch with a Departed Loved One

Nayaswami Seva

Question from Naga: MY wife departed after a long traumatic suffering of more than 10 years of reccuring brain tumor. I was very confident of saving her as I tried different techniques. Unfortunately her soul departed in an unimaginable manner. After lot of analysis, I found that the root cause for her departure was she wanted to be relieved. And hence whatever effort…


Leaving this world

Nayaswami Savitri

Question from Tom Stimson: My 92 year old mom passed on April 28th. We were the closest of friends, lived together 50 years and I was her caregiver 24/7 for the past 5 years. In the weeks since her passing, many strange things have happened that are not physically possible around the house and garden. Is this a common thing when someone dies, and…


How to contact departed loved ones

Nayaswami Shivani

Question from Neil: Can one visit departed loved ones during Samadhi? (i.e. is it a near death experience)

Coping with grief

Nayaswami Anandi

Question from Jas: I have not been able to practice yoga or meditation either as recently i lost my brother.I have faced situations like divorce but after my brother’s death i am shattered emotionally.I dont know wat to do n how to become th same enthusiastic person, full of life n care for my loved ones.Now i hav to take care of my…


Am I just a body?

Nayaswami Savitri

Question from sonia: Who are we in this world? I feel as though sometimes am I just a body. What happens when I die? This is one of my greatest fears. I have so many questions about life, where I fit in, what is my spiritual life? Could you help with some of these questions?