Here are some general yogic dietary guidelines:

– Keep your diet simple. This doesn’t mean tasteless: good taste helps the digestion.

– Yogis talk about eating sattwic (pure) food in a sattwic (calm, clean) environment, prepared by a sattwic cook. “Sattwic” means elevating, pure; the main sattwic foods are vegetables, fruit, legumes, nuts, milk, dry fruit, whole wheat grains, rice.

– In general, a vegetarian diet is advised. If you are not yet a vegetarian, work towards it. Fish and fowl are the lightest meats which can serve during a transition period.

– Alcohol is a definite “anti-meditator.” It muddles the awareness, lowers our consciousness and should be avoided.

For healthy, uplifting recipes, read The Healing Kitchen by Diksha McCord

Dairy in Diet?

Question from Anthony Lavelle: I realize that Master included dairy. Based on current knowledge about animals products (health/environmental impact/compassion and cruelty), does Ananda still suggest dairy?


A Few Benefits of Fasting

Nayaswami Hriman

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Cooking in a Microwave

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Question from Oleg: I often heat up my family’s food in the microwave. It is so convenient. However, many people who practice yoga recommend me not to use the microwave oven. They argue that the microwave destroys the quality of the food. What can you advise? Regards, Oleg Initiated into discipleship this year.


Should a Yogi Avoid Alcohol, Even in Cooking?

Tyagi Shanti, M.D.

Question from H.W.: Yogananda said we should not drink any alcohol while on the spiritual path. Some recipes call for an alcoholic beverage as one of the ingredients, but the alcohol is burned off or evaporated in the cooking process. It is just to add flavor to the recipe. Is the use of alcohol in these recipes consistent with Yogananda’s teachings? Or should…


Right yogic diet

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Question from deepak: Dear friend, Whether a spiritual seeker should eat meat, fish, egg, garlic,onion in his daily food? In India, these food are considered as TAMASIC FOOD and in Srimad Bhagbat GIta, it has been mentioned that these foods are Tamasic food and produce Tamasic qualities in one’s personality. I am also not taking these foods in my daily food.Please suggest me…