Judgment involves an emotional reaction to things as they are; discrimination sees the truth but remains calm and impersonal about it.

To judge someone is to make yourself responsible for another person’s spiritual wellbeing, and to make your happiness dependent on how that person behaves.

To discriminate is simply to see things as they are. On this planet there are people of many different levels of spiritual refinement. One reason we incarnate here is to learn how to discriminate between that which draws us upward toward God, and that which draws us away from the light into suffering.


Professional Relationships

Badri Matlock

Question from A: Hello, I am a graduate student at University and every week my colleagues and I go out for drinks after work. I am not at all interested in drinking but I feel obligated to join in..and so I tag along and have a drink or two just to be polite. Here people seem to take offense if you don’t join…