When considering duty, we have to balance our duty to our family with our duty to God. We must do all that we can to help our families financially, without sacrificing our spiritual lives.

Swami Kriyananda writes that he has always made inner peace his “bottom line”. Consider living this way: ask yourself, what can I do to increase my inner peace — for that is the truest wealth that we have to share with others.


Is It OK to Stop Talking with My Parents?

Nayaswami Diksha

Question from Rush: Is it a sin to reject our families, out of spiritual necessity? In Asia, we overvalue family; yet my businessman dad has become so arrogant/blustering that I just cannot be around him anymore, and my mom is unpredictable. Sometimes I just want nothing to do with them, like they weren’t my family in the first place. As a grown man,…


Yoga and Pregnancy

Mary Kretzmann

Question from lakshmi: I got married before 2 months, I am a regular yoga doer and now I am in a confusion of doing yoga. Is it good to do yoga after marriage and will it affect baby formation?

In Memoriam: Timothy Kretzmann

Posted August 23, 2012  My heart breaks as I update this online book to say that Tim Kretzmann, my dear husband for 34 years and beloved father of our three grown children, died of cancer on August 6th of this year. So much that I have written here about spiritualizing family life…and it all remains true. But what was largely…


Helping Children Learn to Behave

Mary Kretzmann

Question from Karan: Hi I need some guidance in terms of bringing up my daughter. She is going to be six years old in December. I am finding that she is grumpy, clingy and moody a lot, especially in mornings. She is seeking attention of course. Every time she doesn’t get what she wants, its tears and tantrums. I believe this attitude is…

Superconscious Living Exercises

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BRKdtDhj33o?rel=0] The Six Exercises 1. Walk vigorously in place before meditating. Affirm, “I am awake and ready!  I am awake and ready!” 2. Extend your arms vigorously out to the side, then in front, then high above the head, affirming, “I am positive! energetic! enthusiastic!” a. Begin with your hands at the chest, flinging your arms out to the…


Kriya While Pregnant

Mary Kretzmann

Question from renata: Could you tell me please if its recommended to do Kriya yoga during pregnancy? I am two weeks pregnant and don’t feel somewhat comfortable (the sensation inside of my abdomen isn’t pleasant) during Kriya breaths.Thank you.

The Time Tunnel

The Time Tunnel

This story explores life-enhancing spiritual truths through the eyes of two young boys, including how to find true happiness and what values are important. Donny and Bobby develop a foundation for wisdom that can help them throughout life.

Dos and Don’ts of Good Parenting

God, who is love, created man through the love of two souls, and through love alone man can find his way back to God. Parents and children should understand that their relationship is not fortuitous, but is due to a divine plan. Family life is the laboratory in which human love can be transformed into God’s perfect love. Loving guidance,…

Online Book

Finding God in Your Family

Over the years, many friends and acquaintances have asked me to write down my ideas regarding children, especially in terms of helping them to open up to their own spiritual nature, but also in the more practical areas of life. This free e-book’s chapters provide special insights about raising teens and a special bonus section. Table of Contents Introduction Chapter…

When Does the Soul Enter the Body?

By Mary Kretzmann excerpted from “Finding God in Your Family” Children ask about the beginning of life. It may come up after they heard something on the schoolyard, and when we the parents aren’t quite ready for it. It might be sparked by things in movies, discussions at school, or by items in the news. And, of course, it comes…