In the Being part of meditation, we can focus and absorb ourselves in one of the eight attributes of God: Peace, calmness, love, joy, power, light, wisdom, or sound.

God is universal consciousness and the ocean of bliss. He is formless, but he can manifest Himself in any form.


Hearing God’s Voice

Mary Kretzmann

Question from Jubai V: How to hear God’s voice when meditating almost like a conversation with God?


Did God ever not know that He Is God?

Nayaswami Hriman

Question from KCD: Namaste. I have been attracted to teaching of Paramhansa Yogananda. Recently, I have also been looking into the teachings of Meher Baba. But one thing that took me aback was his teaching that before the Creation, God was in an unconscious state and did not know He was God! And then there arose a “whim” for God to seek self-knowledge.…


A True Guru

Nayaswami Diksha

Question from Jaaered Brown: Why am I so disappointed that everyone else has true guru?


Accepting God’s Presence After a Difficult Experience

Nayaswami Parvati

Question from Pavan Kumar: I suffered from mental disorders for last 3yrs. The experience was very terrifying.Now I am free of it but am not able to accept whatever has happened.Innerly I feel god is the cause(indictd in scriptures).I am much isolated now since I dont want to be called depressed.I practiced meditation,due to restlessness,couldn’t get any answer.When practicing bhakti,i feel severe pain because…


Too Weak to Pray

Mary Kretzmann

Question from Anurag: I feel so weak that i dont even have the power to pray to god.

What is the Point of Prayer?


Question from jon: Hi,What is the point of praying when Yogananda says that you can not get more then you deserve? If I deserve little I will get little. It doesn’t matter how much I pray or meditate. It’s all a waste of time. Am I wrong? Did I misunderstand something?

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The Better Devotees: Cats or Dogs?

Caitlin and I walked to school this morning. Just as I was saying goodbye to her at the classroom door, the teacher’s dog Charlie leapt over the barricade and bounded off enthusiastically down the hill. We all ran after him, adults and kids alike, and finally after 5 minutes found him quite a distance away. The teacher called once more,…

Helping a Loved One Grow Beyond Their Limitations

Question from Rekha: My husband is quite an introvert and once he faces a tough situation with people I tend to see him quit or withdraw. I have been trying to encourage him to stay in the situation and be positive but am unable to. It is not like I don’t want to accept this part of him but I see him wanting…