When you do find your guru, this question is age-old for the disciple. The process of attuning yourself to the Guru is an ever creative adventure.

If your Guru is in his body, then the adventure is simplier. You need to be with him as much as possible. In seeing him interact with his disciples, in listening to him lecture on spiritual topics, and in just meditating in his presence, you will be blessed and changed.

If your Guru is not in his body, attuning yourself to him is more challenging. Here at Ananda we have a community of disciples of Paramhansa Yogananda, with Swami Kriyananda as a spiritual guide. Swamiji was with Yogananda for three years until Yogananda left his body. He is very clear on the master’s teachings and has written many books on the spiritual path. So one way is to read these books, as they can also help you tune into your own Guru if he is not Yogananda. Another way is be with other disciples of your Guru as much as you can.

Other ways are to chant to yourself, Om Guru, as often as you can. Make an altar in your home with pictures of your Guru. If he has recorded any messages, listen to them over and over and try to glean understanding from them. Meditate on his eyes to drawn spiritual blessings from them. Look at all people as your friends and channel your guru’s blessings to them.

These are just a few ways. Remember your Guru throughout the day and draw him into all your life’s situations each day. Listen to him. If he knows you are listening and sincere, he will find a way to reply.


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Mahavatar Babaji Website

The story of the sage who revived the science of Kriya Yoga — as revealed by Lahiri Mahasaya, Paramhansa Yogananda, and other saints.


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