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Can Music Heal Us? — The Latest Scientific Findings

There’s a considerable body of research showing that music can have healing effects for certain physical and mental disorders. In fact, music therapy is a widely recognized form of treatment for anxiety, depression, chronic pain, cardiovascular disease, and weakened immunity.

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Change Your Mental Picture, Change Your Health

Remember, your body changes constantly. If you will change your mental “picture,” the incoming cells will fit themselves to the new pattern.

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Cooperative Healing—Devotees and Their Health Care

As devotees, we always need to keep in mind that God-realization is our highest priority. And God may want us to work with our health in a way that differs from our personal inclinations.

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The Healing Power of Ananda Yoga: The MS Study

The study showed that Ananda Yoga helps people with a significant chronic disease to be more uplifted, to be less depressed, to be less at risk of falling, to be much less fatigued, and to be more socially active because they feel less noticeably disabled.

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Understanding Illness

Sickness is the result of breaking some mental or physical law, either in this life or in a past incarnation. It is your job to free yourself from the shackles of undesirable hereditary tendencies, including habits of ill health.

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Injuries and Pain as a Path to God

Rather than be resentful of what appears to be more than my fair share of injuries and illnesses, I choose to be thankful for what I have learned and for the blessing of being able to help others reach for optimal health—physically, mentally and spiritually.

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Putting God First: A Physician’s Journey

As devotees, the pitfall is to decide that we have only so much energy—and no more. Just when I think I’ve done everything I can do, Divine Mother often says, “But there’s so much more you can do,” and then shows me that’s true.

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Bringing God into Daily Life

A year after receiving Kriya Yoga initiation, I went through one of the most challenging times in my life as an attorney. I was appointed by the court to represent an emotionally disturbed woman whose teen-age daughter had been removed from her care.

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Four Summer Recipes

2. Tomato Basil Salad
A cooling salad for a festive or everyday meal.